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  • How Do I Update The Firmware Of My AirPods?

    Firmware is the software built in to intelligent devices like AirPods. It tells them what to do when you do something like ‘double tap’, and provides enhanced features and reliability when updated.

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  • Bring Your Macs into Azure AD with Jamf Connect

    With many organisations and businesses now retiring their expensive on-premise Active Directory hardware and moving to a cloud-first Azure environment, or seriously making plans to do so in the near future, the big question we’re often asked by both customers and prospects is, “Where does this leave our growing Mac fleet?”

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  • Latest Apple iOS and iPadOS 14.4.2 Firmware downloads

    iOS and iPadOS restore files (ipsw’s) are requested and downloaded on demand by your computer (iTunes on Mac/PC, or Configurator on Mac), but you can speed up your device management by downloading the ipsw's in advance of needing them.

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  • How to disable "Find My" for your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

    We all know how useful Find My iPhone can be, just ask former England rugby captain, Will Carling, who used the service to track down his lost iPad in 2011. However, when you need to take your device to an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP), like KRCS, we need you to remove the device from the service, before we can complete any repairs. Read on to see how to get this done!

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  • Blended Learning: Tech in Teaching is Simple

    Let’s tackle what has become a hot topic in education: Blending Learning. At first glance, it may seem like teaching and learning has to be reinvented: teachers needing to be IT professionals and students not having equivalent access to resources.

    Luckily, I’m here to say that’s not the case and Blended Learning works; is simple, effective and achievable for schools going into the 2020 - 2021 academic year. KRCS has been ready to support education with this for years: ready for distance, blended or even face to face learning using iPad and Mac to accelerate outcomes, autonomy and so much more.

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  • iPhone Battery Life

    The battery life of your iPhone is important to you. When you first get a new iPhone the battery is fresh and ‘full of life’. But after a few years, you start to notice that it may not be lasting as long as it once was. What’s happened? Why is it happening? How can I make it last longer again?

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  • KRCS awarded Apple Authorised Education Specialist accreditation

    KRCS are pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded Apple Authorised Education Specialist (AAES) accreditation. This replaces the previous 'Apple Solutions Expert - Education’ or, ASE, which has been in place for many years.

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  • Catalina and 32-bit apps

    When Apple released the first Mac Pro over ten years ago they began the migration to 64-bit hardware and software.

    That hardware migration completed some years ago with all current Macs have a full 64-bit architectures, but the software migration from 32-bit to 64-bit applications has had to take a little longer to allow developers to update their code.

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  • Apple School Manager Microsoft Azure AD Federation

    Apple School Manager is the hub for Apple technologies in education, where you manage locations, register devices and buy app licenses. In this article we focus on it’s function to manage people, specifically their Managed Apple ID’s.

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  • Apple Security - Are they really virus-free?

    "Macs don't get viruses" is a line often heard and usually delivered with a nonchalant shrug by many Mac users since the '90s. Assessing if this is the reality, however, is a worthwhile exercise in the light of the recent statements from Malware Bytes, a producer of anti-malware software.

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  • Refresh & Recycle: Innovation is a process

    With careful budget planning being required in all areas of public life, education is no exception, schools must make the right investments in their I.T. Longevity and value are frequently used in conversations we have with schools and careful planning can help to deliver on this. It’s where the KRCS Education team can help.

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  • iPad Deployment Models: What are they?

    As educators, the chance of having an iPad as part of our education tool kit is thrilling. Our minds race thinking of all the possibilities: “We could go paperless!” “Imagine not taking any books home to mark!” “There’ll be so many resources at my fingertips!

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