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  • Time Machine and Mac back-up Options

    With so much of our lives now stored digitally on our computers, the effects of data loss can be devestating. This will always be true. Whether due to simply deleting the wrong file, hardware failure or something even more unfortunate, it's impossible to get back precious videos, photographs or documents without having a backup already in place.

    World Backup Day is March 31st this year and that's as a good a chance as any to update this post on the state of Mac backup, four years on.

    (Updated 15/03/2019)

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  • Everyone Can Create

    We have talked about creativity in education as a recurring theme for many years. So, what’s so different about Apple’s latest offering? The “Everyone Can Create” series of iBooks promise to change how we look at and implement, creativity in the classroom.

    They are a free resource, so definitely worth adding to your iBooks collection and they provide what is, in essence, a free scheme of work for you to use with your class. Maybe the title should have been “Everyone Can (have a free scheme of work to help them) Create”.

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  • iPad Deployment Foundations

    How to get a head start for businesses and schools deploying iPad.

    Updated 08/03/2019

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  • Apple in the SEN classroom

    Apple has always had a strong commitment to ensuring that its products have been as accessible as possible, for all users. Even in the 1980s, early versions of the Mac operating system had a number of features designed for visually impaired users to aid them with magnification, text sizing, and contrast. These are features which are still incorporated in today's operating system releases. To Apple, access for all is still a high priority almost thirty years on.

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  • Online Food Delivery

    With the increasing popularity of online delivery channels, like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, now is the time to start looking into offering a delivery service from your restaurant. But where do you start? Follow our tips on how to build a delivery service into your restaurant.

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  • Latest Apple iOS 12.1.4 Firmware downloads

    iOS restore files (ipsw’s) are requested and downloaded on demand by your computer (iTunes on Mac/PC, or Configurator on Mac), but you can speed up your device management by downloading the ipsw's in advance of needing them.

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  • Carbon Free Dining

    Carbon Free Dining is an environmental certification program managed by Green Earth Appeal, partnering with Lightspeed Restaurant, and part of the United Nations ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’. It is an easy way for restaurants to help some of the poorest communities in the world by planting trees. These trees help offset the carbon footprint of the meals served at your restaurant and allow the communities to earn a living from the fruits harvested.

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  • Apple in education; Affordability and value

    The topic of affordability is always on the agenda when we discuss iPad & Mac projects with schools.

    KRCS director and school governor, Robert Woods, has some valuable insights on ensuring your school's investments are affordable and giving your school the best value for your budget.

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  • Xerox Office Product Family

    With the wide range of Xerox printers available, finding what you need can be confusing. We have, therefore, compiled the current range here to make it easier for you.

    Updated (23/01/2019)

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  • Mac deployment in Active Directory environments

    A great plan for the upgrade of existing Macs or a new deployment needs an understanding of both the technology and teaching practices.

    Updated 23/01/2019

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  • Should you get a “cheap” iPhone screen repair?

    Whether or not to get a “cheap” iPhone screen repair, as opposed to a genuine screen replacement, has been something that many of us have pondered when we’ve been unfortunate enough to break ours. With the number of unofficial, 3rd party repairers around, some of whom seem very professional, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were all offering genuine Apple service.

    The reality is, there’s only one way to get a genuine Apple screen repair, which is to go via an Apple Authorised Service Provider, like KRCS or, another official Apple outlet. So what is it that the other guys are offering?

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  • Screen Time and Family Sharing

    There is considerable, and often polarised public debate about limiting children’s consumption of media in all its various forms and much research is being done into calculating how much ‘device time’ is “too much”. Learn more about to manage how long your children spend on their iOS devices and more, simply and easily, using built-in Apple Family Sharing

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