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  • Managed Apple IDs with Microsoft 365 Federation

    With Apple devices gaining marketshare within both educational institutions and businesses of all sizes, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to manage not only these devices, but also the Apple ID that the user signs in with. This is where Managed Apple IDs come in to their own.

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  • Google Workspace Account Federation within Apple Business Manager

    Apple have recently updated Apple Business Manager to enable Managed Apple ID account federation with Google Workspace. Until now, this feature was only available to organisations using Azure AD/Microsoft 365 accounts.

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  • JAMF Protect

    With the lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a Mac when compared to PCs and a surging preference from staff to use Apple devices, there has never been a better time to adopt them in the workplace. Whilst Macs are secure straight out of the box thanks to macOS, using them for work requires applying due diligence in terms of protecting both their sensitive data and your wider network from outside threats.

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  • A Different Kind of Lockdown - How to Keep Your Organisation’s Macs Secure

    As we’ve previously discussed, securing private data on Macs within an organisation is of vital importance. The global shift towards remote and hybrid working has also made this task more difficult to manage at scale than ever before, with portable endpoints more likely to be regularly used on insecure networks as well as being left unattended - however briefly - in public places.

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  • Low Monthly-cost Leasing for Business

    At KRCS we offer business-friendly finance options for our customers to help spread the cost of purchasing over the equipment’s lifetime.

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  • Xerox Office Product Family

    With the wide range of Xerox printers available, finding what you need can be confusing. We have, therefore, compiled the current range here to make it easier for you.

    Updated (23/01/2019)

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  • Is now the time to switch from laptop to iPad?

    When choosing your next device for work, or even personal use, it largely comes down to what sort of work you are doing, and what you need from your device. There is an increasing overlap between laptops and the iPad, especially now that the iPad has become more powerful, and apps are able to do more. Is now the time to consider iPad, rather than a laptop, as the next device for you, or your workforce? Let’s look into the details.

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  • FileMaker Cloud - What does it do and is it right for me?

    FileMaker Cloud has been around for just over year now, since late 2016. It was created by FileMaker Inc as an alternative to running a FileMaker Server (on a Mac or PC) on your premises.

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  • FileMaker Licensing

    It’s fair to say that when looking to buy a FileMaker license, there are quite a few options. Here is KRCS’s simple guide to choosing the right kind of license for your organisation.

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  • iMac Pro First Impressions

    With a sleek Space Grey look, the new iMac Pro certainly looks the part. Before you rush out to buy one, read our first impressions to help you make sense of the new options.

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  • Black Friday for Business

    It’s nearly upon us. The pumpkins are mouldy, festive music is playing in the shops, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis have released their Christmas TV ads…. That’s right, Black Friday is nearly here!!

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  • Parallels: Best of both worlds

    Do you use Apple devices at home, but not at work? Do you want to introduce an iMac or Macbooks in to your business, but think you can’t? Parallels Desktop for Business is designed to help overcome these and many other obstacles, let's take a look how.

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