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ToothFairy for Mac

AirPods, like most Apple devices – they just work. They’re an easy product to use on a day-to-day basis if you’re using them with an iPhone or iPad, and once you have paired them up, they will also seamlessly work with all your other iCloud devices as well. However, switching your AirPods between your other iCloud devices can be a tedious process. If you want to quickly and easily pair with your Mac, this is where the ToothFairy app comes in.

ToothFairy is a simple but effective MacOS app which lives in your menu bar. It allows you to quickly connect or disconnect your AirPods, without the need to go to the system's Bluetooth settings every time. 

ToothFairy's visibility in your MacOS top menu bar

Identifying which audio output your Mac is using is usually a number of clicks away in System Preferences. Once you have done that, you'll need to find the Bluetooth option before you can connect to your AirPods. You'd then need to go back to the main Bluetooth menu to toggle the AirPods when you want to switch to another device. This can soon become a tedious chore.

Once you’ve installed the ToothFairy app, you’ll notice it's icon appear in your Mac's menu bar. Click on it and it lets you know whether your AirPods are connected as well as showing how much power is remaining in your AirPods. If your AirPods aren't already connected, just click on the icon and the app automatically connects your Mac to your wireless earbuds. A further click disconnects them so your Mac will revert to it's previously default audio output. You can even streamline this further and set-up a hotkey, saving yourself a few extra clicks each time.

A useful and very welcome feature of ToothFairy is that it can improve the sound you get from your AirPods by using a higher quality AAC codec for playback as the default one that is chosen by the MacOS is a lower-quality SCO audio playback codec. 

For anyone who use AirPods and has MacOS and iOS devices, ToothFairy is a must-have app to improve audio playback and AirPod management simpler and easier. It makes your AirPods just a click away. You can find it on the Mac App store, by clicking here.

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