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Little things add up to big things

Here at KRCS we work with many customers of all different sizes and needs. But fear not. No matter how big or small a school you are, we can help you.


Our Education Team have visited thousands of Schools over the past 30 years and every single one is different but good pedagogy always remains. This is something the iPad handles exceptionally well. The impact of iPad in Education is now very much proven fact, with almost every School in the UK having at least one iPad being used in some capacity.


You may be a School with none or even just the one iPad, considering using a few for group work. But just because you might regard yourself as a little fish doesn’t mean we’ll treat you like one. We will offer you the best value and help you plan how to expand the number of your devices at your pace. By putting the right things in place whilst you are small will help you greatly when you are bigger.


The most popular adoption style of iPad is for a class set of around 30 where devics can be used by any student.  For deployments of any size KRCS offer a fully managed service subscription which takes the headache out of setting up and managing your iPad deployment, putting technology to good use in the classroom as soon as possible. Once our technicians have set everything up using the very latest thinking and best practice you will see how transformational iPad can be as a teaching aid with all of those pieces in place.  Subsequently moving to 1:1 deployment with every student having their own iPad will not seem like such a daunting prospect.


Aiming to go 1:1 with iPad can seem like an overwhelming prospect - but it doesn’t have to be. Going 1:1 doesn’t necessarily mean the entire School as it can mean just a single year group. These iPads can be managed and deployed very easily using the FirstClass Managed Service meaning that all the setup can be done before they are even taken out of the cellophane. Using Mobile Device Management, apps can be deployed, settings updated and this can be done remotely by our technicians.


Whatever your plans for numbers of iPads within your School we can help you. At KRCS we put the teaching and learning first. Once good planning and management are in place, the technology will take care of itself.

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