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Apple Watch Repairs


Apple Watch Repairs

Your Apple Watch is in safe hands. KRCS are proud to confirm that we are fully authorised by Apple to offer Apple Watch repairs and service.

Book a repair

To book a repair at one of our service centres please click the button below. Repairs are made available for collection from where you dropped them off.

Apple Watch is set to redefine another category of technology, and is certainly Apple’s most personal device yet! Reliability since launch has been reported as nothing short of phenomenal, but if you do need Apple Watch warranty service or should the worst happen a chargeable repair, KRCS can help.

Our technicians are fully trained to complete a diagnostic check on your Apple Watch and facilitate the repair, but please note that we will need your iPhone to be present at the time of booking in the Apple Watch for service so it can be unpaired from the iPhone which will also trigger a final backup of data from your Apple Watch to the iPhone. This data will be restored to the Apple Watch when repairs are completed and the devices are repaired.

Typical repair costs for chargeable Apple Watch repairs. Depending on the extent of failure or damage to your Apple Watch it may be repaired or replaced. See the table below for Apple Watch repair prices for out of warranty service correct as of 12th October 2021.

 Out of Warranty ServiceBattery
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium & Nike)£289£85
Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular (Aluminium & Nike)£329£85
Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular (Stainless Steel)£369£85
Apple Watch SE Cellular (Aluminium & Nike)£239£85
Apple Watch SE (Aluminium & Nike)£209£85
Apple Watch Series 6 Cellular (Stainless Steel)£369£85
Apple Watch Series 6 Cellular (Aluminium & Nike)£329£85
Apple Watch Series 6 (Aluminium & Nike)£289£85
Apple Watch Series 5 (Stainless Steel)£369£85
Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular (Aluminium & Nike)£329£85
Apple Watch Series 5 (Aluminium & Nike)£289£85
Apple Watch Series 4 (Stainless Steel)£369£85
Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular (Aluminium & Nike+)£329£85
Apple Watch Series 4 (Aluminium & Nike+)£289£85
Apple Watch Series 3 (Stainless Steel)£319£85
Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular (Aluminium & Nike+)£219£85
Apple Watch Series 3 (Aluminium & Nike+)£159£85
Apple Watch Series 2 (Stainless Steel)£239£85
Apple Watch Series 2 (Aluminium & Nike+)£219£85
Apple Watch Series 1 (Aluminium)£199£85

* Battery service is only available if diagnostic tests report that only 80 percent of the full charge capacity is available after a complete charge cycle.