Apple Support has launched it’s own YouTube channel

Group conversations can get busy fast, is there a way you can keep down the notifications, without leaving? Well, now there's a YouTube channel that will help answer that query, and more. Even better, the advice comes from Apple themselves!

The Apple Support channel is made up of a series of well produced tutorial videos. So far, the videos help explain all sorts of iOS features, from how to change your wallpaper to linking existing phone contacts. The videos are a live action walk through, with each video being fully narrated. They range between 1-2 minutes in length so you can fix your issue, fast.

The channel launched a few days ago and already has 10 videos, covering the basics through to a some more niche features. Here's a selection of a few of the videos we think you'll find useful.

How to take and share a screenshot

How to link duplicates or delete contacts on your iPhone

How to mute or leave a group conversation

This isn’t the only online platform Apple's support team use. If you can't get in touch with us here at KRCS, (Twitter, email or on 0115 985 1797 during office hours) you could try Apple directly. They also have a Twitter account, as well as a handy instant messaging service via So now there’s even more ways to find support if you're having a tech problem at 1am!

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