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Apple’s free Schoolwork app, now live for teachers.

Announced back in March, the ‘Schoolwork’ app from Apple, is now available. Designed to make “it easy to create assignments, view student progress and more”, alongside the ‘Classroom’ app, Apple are providing teachers with powerful tools to enhance their students learning. For schools and educators who are already using iPads and Macs, Apples latest suite of software is helping you get more from your investment in Apple equipment.

For example. rather than pointing students to the AppStore to download an app, then having to give them instructions to access and complete a specific task, teachers can provide students with links directly to a specific activity within an app.

Schoolwork also lets teachers create new assignments using almost any type of content, such as web links and PDFs. Already, popular educational apps such as Explain Everything, Tynder, GeoCobra and Kahoot are compatible with Schoolwork.

Teachers can use Schoolwork and supporting apps to monitor student progress, which will allow for a more personalized and supportive learning experience. All the data involved, as with any Apple service, is kept secure and private. Schools have complete control over the accounts that are used by students and data that is created there stays within the system.

Student Progress on the new Schoolwork appSchoolwork works alongside the Classroom app to help keep teachers make the most efficient use of the technology in their schools by turning an iPad (or Mac) into a versatile teaching assistant.

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