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iPhone Battery Life

The battery life of your iPhone is important to you. When you first get a new iPhone the battery is fresh and ‘full of life’. But after a few years, you start to notice that it may not be lasting as long as it once was. What’s happened? Why is it happening? How can I make it last longer again? This is what we will get into here:

Why is my battery not lasting as long?

Batteries are ‘consumable’. They age, experience wear and stop being as efficient as when they were new. This happens with any batteries used in today’s tech. We may notice it more in our phones, because we use them every day, and rely on them for so much of our lives, with the smallest inconvenience being more noticeable.

Lithium-ion batteries, used in iPhones and other mobile devices, store and deliver electricity using chemicals. Over time they ‘chemically age’, meaning the amount of charge they hold and the amount of time between charges. Apple has a couple of articles relating to battery life and why they age, as well as how to monitor the status of your battery on the iPhone 11 range.

How can I make my battery last longer?

There are steps you can take to help your battery perform better for longer. Again Apple has a great support article covering all their products using Lithium-ion batteries. I will summarise the tips for iOS devices here:

  • Update to the latest software - iOS updates can include optimisations to monitor manage the battery life more effectively.
  • Optimise your settings - Two easy ways to lengthen battery life involve reducing the screen brightness and using WiFi where possible.
  • Enable low power mode - The display brightness lowers, system animations are minimised, and some app functions (e.g. background syncing) are disabled.
  • Keep between 90-10% - Fully charging or fully discharging your battery will shorten its life and reduce it’s capacity faster than keeping it in the sweet spot between 90-10% SoC (State of Charge).

You can also view how your battery us being used in Settings > Battery. This will let you know which apps are using the most power, and how quickly the battery is being used throughout the day.

These are the basics of looking after your battery. If you think your battery is running down unusually quickly, book an appointment at your nearest KRCS Service Centre and we will test and, if necessary, replace the battery.

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