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Great Summer Accessories with KRCS

If you’re like me and your tech goes everywhere with you, the right accessories can help make a good holiday a great one. Whether it's your camera, laptop, or mobile device, there’s going to be an accessory that can enhance your experience.

At KRCS, we offer a number of great accessories which could help you make the most of your tech whilst you are away.


Our handheld devices have become an integral part of our lives and that doesn’t stop when we go on holiday. For the most part, when you’re travelling you don’t have direct access to a mains outlet, and towards the end of the day you’re in need of power. Chargers come in many forms, the most portable of which are charging cases. Offering little to no extra bulk, they are perfect for travelling. The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case and Mophie Juice Pack Reserve iPhone 6/6S are particular favourites among our customers for their size and durability.

Portable chargers have been an ever popular choice for travellers and just about everyone in recent years, (yes I'm talking to you Pokémon Go’ers). The reason for this popularity is the combination of size and overall power. Some portable chargers can charge 2 devices at the same time, or they can charge one device a number of times, some can even do both. These Cygnett battery packs offer this all in a package no bigger than your wallet or purse.

iPhone 7 Smart cases

Adapters and Storage

Whether you’re gazing out at a beautiful sunset, or it’s a family member asleep on the sun bed, taking pictures and videos on holiday is something we all do. So what do you do when you need to free up space on your camera or back them up? iOS devices don’t have USB ports, so an ideal companion whilst travelling is the Lightning to SD Card reader or the Lightning to USB adapter. This enables you to efficiently download photos from your digital camera to your iOS device where they can be then uploaded to iCloud. You can then become the family filmmaker/photographer by creating some amazing edits or adding special effects with great apps on iOS like iMovie, Vizzywig, and Pinnacle.

If you’ve recently joined the USB-C revolution with the latest Macs, you’ll be no stranger to accessories like dongles and adapters. Similar to the reader for your iOS device, the Transcend USB-C Media Reader and Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter work exactly the same way, just for your Mac. You can find a full range of USB-C adapters in our dedicated article.

No matter where you are in the world, making backups is incredibly important, especially when you’ve recorded some great moments on a once in a lifetime holiday. In recent years, the cloud has become the “go-to” backup location of choice for most of us. Even though it is much more reliable than it used to be, it still requires a strong internet connection to transfer larger files and folders. Taking a small USB drive away with you is a great way to make sure those memories are backed up efficiently. Take a look these flash drives from PNY available in different storage capacities, all in an incredibly small package.


Having something to listen to on holiday is almost a necessity. Travelling in noisy environments is a regular occurrence, so a great pair of headphones can really come in handy. Especially those that can eliminate the majority of background noise. Have a look at this variety of on-, over-, and in-ear headphones:


But why keep the music to yourself when you can spread it around with a great speaker? More importantly, a wireless speaker that you can take anywhere with you! Here are just a couple that we like. Both offer portability and surprisingly great sound for their diminutive size.

These are just some of the great accessories that can accompany you on your travels. Here at KRCS, we have tonnes of great new products from Apple, Beats, Bose and many more, in-store and online now.

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