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Should you get a “cheap” iPhone screen repair?

Whether or not to get a “cheap” iPhone screen repair, as opposed to a genuine screen replacement, has been something that many of us have pondered when we’ve been unfortunate enough to break ours. With the number of unofficial, 3rd party repairers around, some of whom seem very professional, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were all offering genuine Apple service.

The reality is, there’s only one way to get a genuine Apple screen repair, which is to go via an Apple Authorised Service Provider, like KRCS or, another official Apple outlet.  So what is it that the other guys are offering?

Copy screens

Typically these have a big drop in sharpness and brightness versus the real deal, as well as just a general washed out feel.  Most have the digitizer component (the bit that senses your fingers touch) in the glass as opposed to the display itself, so the response is less reliable and less accurate.

Refurbished screens

Original Apple displays re-covered with new glass after previous damage. These offer better quality screens than copies but are more fragile than the genuine article and more susceptible to scratches and more at risk of a repeat incident of breaking and shattering. The bond between the glass and the display is often less robust, presenting challenges further down the line if you are trying to get services like a battery replacement when the screen has to be removed by suction.

Genuine screens

Only available via Apple or official Apple service providers, like KRCS.  These are brand new, factory condition, genuine screens from Apple. Just like the one that came with your iPhone on the day it was born.  It will be fitted by Apple-trained technicians so you end up with a ‘good as new’ Apple certified repair, backed by Apple, so you can be sure that your iPhone will work as it should.

So here’s what we think…

Steer clear of copy screens.  Not only for the image quality issues, but they will often significantly affect the usability of your iPhone, disabling touch ID / Apple Pay, draining the battery more quickly or even damaging other components of your iPhone in the worst cases we’ve seen.  And because the digitizer is on the glass and not the display itself, any significant damage to the more fragile glass (even if the underlying display is intact) will stop touch response immediately and require a further screen replacement.  That’s a false economy even if it does seem cheaper at first.

Refurbished screens may be acceptable for an older iPhone where it’s a cheap yet cheerful option to squeeze that last bit of life from your reliable companion.  Again the replacement glass is typically not up to the standard of the genuine article, but if it does get broken touch response should still function if it is indeed a genuine Apple display underneath.  But beware, many repairers pass-off copy screens as refurbished originals. Also, make sure you’ve checked out the price of a genuine screen repair from KRCS first because we’ve also seen refurbs being sold for more.

Go for genuine screens on later models of iPhone, certainly those with touch ID.  Not only do you get the genuine Apple parts, but the iPhone is subject to post-repair calibration and diagnostics, using the software only available to official service providers like KRCS because it can only calibrate genuine screens.  This ensures that all aspects of your iPhone are as good as new, including Touch ID, Apple Pay, Force Touch etc.

Don’t panic if you’ve already had a non-genuine screen fitted.  There is a good chance we can still fit a genuine screen and get you back on track, subject to inspection by our technicians.

Same-day, genuine screen repairs, are available now in certain KRCS locations for iPhone 6s or later, subject to stock availability at the time of your appointment.

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  1. Comment by Paul waugh

    My iPhone X screen is cracked from the right side of the screen. The functionality of the iPhone from the right side still works. There’s no change in response speed. There’s no noticeable change. Still use the iPhone normally but not for certain games an

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