• Refresh & Recycle: Innovation is a process

    With careful budget planning being required in all areas of public life, education is no exception, schools must make the right investments in their I.T. Longevity and value are frequently used in conversations we have with schools and careful planning can help to deliver on this. It’s where the KRCS Education team can help.

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  • iPad Deployment Models: What are they?

    As educators, the chance of having an iPad as part of our education tool kit is thrilling. Our minds race thinking of all the possibilities: “We could go paperless!” “Imagine not taking any books home to mark!” “There’ll be so many resources at my fingertips!

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  • Supporting inclusion with the AV1 tabletop robot

    Each year there’s a child in your class that you’ve marked absent before the morning bell goes. You know they’re not coming in today, tomorrow or next week. They’ve been diagnosed with cancer, anxiety or M.E. You can send work home in the post, via e-mail or it can be collected by their carer. Mum told you this morning that the pupil is missing everyone a lot too, which is taking its toll on their wellbeing. Surely, you think, there must be a better way for this child to stay connected to school life?

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  • Planning Essentials - Getting you Started with your Education Vision.

    We work side by side with educators to equip them with technology and knowledge to deliver the best education to their students. As an ASE (Apple Solutions Expert for Education) we currently manage thousands of iOS devices, hundreds of macOS machines and many tvOS devices so schools, colleges and universities can focus on teaching and learning, not technical hassle.

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  • Apple School Manager - Introduction and Migration Guide

    Apple School Manager (ASM) is the hub for your Apple ecosystem in School, and every school with Apple technology should have an account.

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  • Everyone Can Create

    We have talked about creativity in education as a recurring theme for many years. So, what’s so different about Apple’s latest offering? The “Everyone Can Create” series of iBooks promise to change how we look at and implement, creativity in the classroom.

    They are a free resource, so definitely worth adding to your iBooks collection and they provide what is, in essence, a free scheme of work for you to use with your class. Maybe the title should have been “Everyone Can (have a free scheme of work to help them) Create”.

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  • iPad Deployment Foundations

    How to get a head start for businesses and schools deploying iPad.

    Updated 08/03/2019

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  • Apple in the SEN classroom

    Apple has always had a strong commitment to ensuring that its products have been as accessible as possible, for all users. Even in the 1980s, early versions of the Mac operating system had a number of features designed for visually impaired users to aid them with magnification, text sizing, and contrast. These are features which are still incorporated in today's operating system releases. To Apple, access for all is still a high priority almost thirty years on.

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  • Apple in education; Affordability and value

    The topic of affordability is always on the agenda when we discuss iPad & Mac projects with schools.

    KRCS director and school governor, Robert Woods, has some valuable insights on ensuring your school's investments are affordable and giving your school the best value for your budget.

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  • Mac deployment in Active Directory environments

    A great plan for the upgrade of existing Macs or a new deployment needs an understanding of both the technology and teaching practices.

    Updated 23/01/2019

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  • iPad and SEN

    Apple offers a huge range of innovative accessibility features which are built into all iOS devices as standard. With great features such as VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and Guided Access, students of all ages can enjoy interacting with new technology.

    (Updated 21/01/2019)

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  • MyScript Calculator

    In the KRCS education team, we’re often asked for App recommendations and ideas to help teachers get started with the App Store. We think you should check out MyScript Calculator.

    Updated 16/01/2019

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