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  • ToothFairy for Mac

    AirPods, like most Apple devices – they just work. They’re an easy product to use on a day-to-day basis if you’re using them with an iPhone or iPad, and once you have paired them up, they will also seamlessly work with all your other iCloud devices as well. However, switching your AirPods between your other iCloud devices can be a tedious process. If you want to quickly and easily pair with your Mac, this is where the ToothFairy app comes in.

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  • Fitness and the Apple Watch

    Since it’s launch in April 2015, the Apple Watch has evolved to become one of the wearable market’s leading products, alongside those from Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung. Encompassing fitness tracking, health, wellness, communications and more, so-called “smartwatches” are believed to be a $25 billion market in 2019.

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  • IT Theft Prevention for Schools

    Computer security is an ongoing problem and, whilst recorded theft offences are on the general decline in the UK, the aftermath of a break-in, and the consequences of losing essential IT equipment, can be devastating

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  • 5 great apps that work with Touch Bar

    Apple released the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in October 2016, almost a year ago at the time of writing. The new Touch Bar is a smooth piece of glass that seamlessly fits above the keyboard, where previously the function (f) keys were. The Touch Bar is a new interface innovation for Apple and Mac users were keen to see what developers could create.

    We’ve put together a list of 5 applications that will put the Touch Bar to great use.

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  • Great Summer Accessories with KRCS

    When you’re like me, your tech goes with you everywhere, the right accessories can help make a good holiday a great one. Whether it be your camera, laptop, or mobile device, there’s going to be an accessory that can enhance your experience.

    At KRCS we offer a number of great which could help you make the most of your tech whilst you are away.

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  • Thunderbolt 3 Adapters

    Looking at the new MacBook Pros? Have you bought one already? Do you need to connect external monitors, hard drives or other devices? Here is our round up of the adapters you will need to connect all your existing kit.

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  • Apple Watch - A personal experience

    Its been just over a year since Apple launched the Apple Watch, being an early adopter I eagerly awaited April 10th. I spent most of the morning constantly refreshing both Apple’s website and their iOS Store application waiting for them too come back online and order Apple’s first truly new product in recent years. Now I've had time to form a proper impression of the Watch and what it can do, I wanted to share with you my experience.

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  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch Display - Our Thoughts

    Now the team at KRCS Hull have spent some quality time with the new iPad Pro 9.7”, they’ve had plenty of opportunity to get hands-on with it, as well as hearing feedback from their customers who’ve used it in the wild. It’s already finding it’s place in Apple’s ecosystem, and here are a few of the benefits they're hearing time and time again.

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  • LaCie Rugged Drive Mini-review

    The LaCie Rugged’s design is practical and yet retains a modern look beneath the bright orange bumper sleeve. The Rugged has been drop tested to 1.2m, pressure tested to 1-ton, and is also rain resistant. It definitely looks as though it can take some serious bumps & scrapes! A mini-review from our Wakefield store.

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  • Unboxing, setting up and demonstrating the all-new Sonos Play:5

    Our Wakefield team unbox, set up and demonstrate the magnificent, all-new Sonos Play:5. Beautifully packaged, easy to use and amazing sound, this is the best Sonos speaker yet.

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  • Introducing and setting up the Apple Pencil

    A brief introduction and setup guide from the KRCS Hull team for the latest Apple accessory, the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.

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  • Unboxing the new Apple TV

    James and the team at KRCS Wakefield unbox and talk us through the brand new Apple TV and Siri Remote and theres a great piece on how to get the most out of your new box from Ben and the team at KRCS Hull.

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