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Water Damage

Have you or your Apple products been affected by liquid damage? Ever had that sinking feeling seeing your iPhone slowly drowning?

The best advice, in short, is allow the device to dry out for a significant period of time. We would recommend at least 96 hours without switching it on (but longer may be necessary). Storing the device in a warm, dry place such as an airing cupboard will help with the drying process.

That urban legend about putting your damaged item in a bowl of rice? Yes it can work, but it can cause more problems. Packing a liquid damaged device in dry rice will speed up the drying process, but we would only consider suggesting that technique for iPhones or other iOS devices where it is relatively easy to stop grains of rice entering the headphone jack and dock / lightning port, or can be extracted easily after the drying process.

This is a brief summary of a longer article, full of useful information on what to do if your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or even your Apple Watch are affected by water/liquid damage. That article can be found here.

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