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  • Latest Apple iOS and iPadOS 15.5 Firmware downloads

    iOS and iPadOS restore files (ipsw’s) are requested and downloaded on demand by your computer (iTunes on Mac/PC, or Configurator on Mac), but you can speed up your device management by downloading the ipsw's in advance of needing them.

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  • Catalina and 32-bit apps

    When Apple released the first Mac Pro over ten years ago they began the migration to 64-bit hardware and software.

    That hardware migration completed some years ago with all current Macs have a full 64-bit architectures, but the software migration from 32-bit to 64-bit applications has had to take a little longer to allow developers to update their code.

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  • WiFi Woes

    WiFi woes... We’ve all been there.... A Netfilx binge is ruined by, or a software download that seems to be taking an aeon to download. We have 10 sure fire tips to help!

    (Updated 22/01/2019)

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  • How to unlock an iPhone from a UK network

    We’re often asked if we can remove a network lock from an iPhone. Unfortunately, we can’t as the lock is with the network provider, however, we’ve provided the details for how to go about it with the major UK networks (as of June 2017) below.

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  • KRCS Repair Journey

    Here at KRCS we are able to carry out repairs across Apple’s product range including, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. We ensure that these are to the high standard you can expect from an Apple Authorised Service Provider. Whether your Apple Product is in or out of warranty, our Apple Qualified engineers will know what to do.

    Let’s go through what the process looks like when you bring in you Apple Product to us for repair.

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  • Apple Repair & Exchange Programs - Current programs and KRCS involvement

    Apple employ some of the best manufacturing processes in the world to maintain their renowned quality and reliability, but as is inevitable with volumes manufactured they do infrequently identify manufacturing issues with certain components.

    These are the programs that KRCS as an Apple Authorised Service Provider can facilitate on behalf of Apple.

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  • Managed Repair Services

    KRCS provides businesses and schools with managed repair services for iPad & iPhone.

    Our customers for this service are wide ranging from multi-site corporate businesses through to small regional schools, but in all cases the service that we provide is simple, cost effective and provides repair services without the hassle.

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  • Device Enrolment Programme - DEP at KRCS

    In March 2015 the eagerly awaited Apple ‘Device Enrolment Programme’ went live in the UK via KRCS.

    Since it’s announcement in November 2014 there’s been a building demand for the service that DEP has to offer, but what exactly is DEP and what will it do for your Apple devices?

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  • iCloud Photo Library

    Our photos are some of our most coveted items, yet they are the number one thing people lose and are also the most upset about losing, on lost, stolen or broken iOS devices.

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  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch repairs - Preparing your device for service

    In this article we will take you through the recommended steps to complete before submitting your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for service.

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  • Mac OS X and Keychains

    We cover the basics of how keychains work, how issues can occur and how to deal with them when they do

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