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Unboxing the new Apple TV

The latest Apple TV, unboxed and talked through by James and the team at KRCS Wakefield and some additional thoughts on making the most of the new Apple TV from Ben and the team at KRCS Hull.




Making the most of your new Apple TV.


Siri Remote

If you’re a classic user of Apple TV, you’ll of no doubt spent hours scrolling around the on-screen keyboard while searching through Netflix or just typing in your Apple ID password. With the new Apple TV comes the introduction of Siri Remote, which amongst other things, introduces Apple’s voice assistant straight into your remote.


We’ve already challenged Siri to find us films starring our favourite actors and as always, it even has funny quips when you ask it questions like “Find me a terrible film..” Just like on our iOS devices, there’s plenty of other stuff Siri can help us with, like checking the football scores, whether or not we’ll need to take our umbrella today and rather than scrambling for IMDB, it can even tell you “Who stars in this film?”


As with all things Apple it just works; we’ve found Siri so easy to use that it’s become our favourite way to browse all our new content.



Sure, we’ve had AirPlay Mirroring in the past which has allowed us some dual screen integration from our iOS devices, but the App Store on the new Apple TV is now a massive platform for developers to publish their new and existing games.


Straight out of the box, Siri Remote has clearly been designed with gaming in mind, housing a gyroscopic sensor reminiscent of the Wii controller, allowing us to steer in racing games, swing like a racket in tennis games, there’s even a lanyard available to stop it flying across the room.


You can now take your gaming to the next level by pairing up your Apple TV with a wireless gaming controller like the Logic3 Speedy Wireless Gaming Controller. Compatible with the other iOS devices as well, the design should look pretty familiar if you’re into your gaming. With a run time of up to 25 hours from a single charge, you’re not going to be plugging it in very often either!


On Demand

There have definitely been times where the previous Apple TV generations have left us scratching our heads while we as ask “What even is KOR TV?” “Where is WWE Network?” or “Why won’t my Sky mirror?” Undoubtedly one of the standout, if not THE standout feature of the new Apple TV is the introduction of the App Store. Finally, we’re able to pick from a wide range of content providers, and really make our Apple TV reflect how we want to watch it.


This is no more obvious than when you’re first dropped on the home screen, and you’re presented simply with the iTunes Store, iCloud Photos and the App Store. Apple now more than ever are allowing their customers to personalise their products and it will be exciting to see that no two people’s Apple TV home screens will look exactly alike.


Just remember to pick up a HDMI Cable, because it’s the only thing you don’t get in the box that you’ll need to use your new Apple TV!


The new Apple TV is available to buy in stores or online now.


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