APL and other three letter acronyms…

So you have decided iPad is the way forward for your school. SLT have had various meetings and the governors have agreed to buy the iPad solution. Where do you go from here?

Apart from organising the technical readiness before the iPads arrive and deciding what useful apps might be worth downloading, you should consider how to train all of your teachers who are raring to go (well most teachers)! Where does training fit in to the school plan for the deployment of iPad into the classroom? KRCS can help…


Fortunately, Apple have a wealth of training available to you that you can access when you buy 25 or more Apple devices (iPad and/or Mac). This takes the form of a subsidy in the cost of APL - Apple Professional Learning.

What is APL?

The APL catalogue offers a wide range of opportunities for on site training delivered to you by an AET - Apple Education Trainer.


If you follow the link above, it will take you to the APL catalogue where you can look at the courses available. Although not always obvious in the catalogue, there is the option for “Bespoke Training” to be arrange directly with the AET so that the sessions meet your schools needs.

Who delivers the training?

Apple Education Trainers (AET) are teachers that have been accredited by Apple to deliver APL to schools. They are experienced classroom practitioners who have a love for teaching, learning and technology. You can find out more about Chris Smith, the KRCS AET here.

What should the training look like?

Rather than thinking of APL delivering one session it might be better to think of the subsidy being a contribution to a planned series of training for your school. This will allow you to develop and embed the use of iPad into your curriculum and give time for teachers, support staff and pupils to try out bite-size ideas that are built on over the course of a year.

A typical training plan

(can there ever be such a thing?)

  • Initial meeting to check technical readiness:
  • Device management solutions
  • Printing solutions
  • AirPlay of iPad to screen - whiteboard, projector etc
  • Saving and sharing work
  • Assessment tools

Identify training needs and plan a training program to meet the needs of teachers and pupils.

Deliver a series of training to staff in various formats from:

  • Whole staff
  • Subject leaders
  • Key stages
  • Individuals
  • Curriculum development…

Review progress with SLT, staff and pupils

Feedback to governors.

Start the cycle again - Assess - Plan - Do - Review!

Get in touch

If you found any of this interesting and would like to develop a training programme of your own do get in touch with our education team.

Whether you have invested in iPad already and would like some staff development, extending you use of iPad or about to embark into the world of Apple in education, please contact the team.

Chris Smith - Apple Education Trainer

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