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Teaching the educators - Apple Professional Learning

Apple technology can help teachers give inspiring lessons, lighten their workload and simplify day-to-day teaching tasks. But only if teachers know how to use the devices and apps that are at their fingertips. That’s why KRCS provides teacher training for educators who use Apple in the classroom.

By teaming up with KRCS, schools can ensure their teachers get the hands-on know-how they need. Our Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS), Chris Smith, can provide engaging workshops that show how the use of Apple technologies can enhance teaching and learning.

We cover a number of key areas in our workshops, such as Leadership Strategy, to help senior leaders develop the vision and plan for transforming teaching. Teaching & Learning helps teachers learn the features of Apple products and apps in the classroom. We also offer personalised mentoring as you adapt and integrate Apple resources into teaching.

We’ll plan your training programme with you to ensure staff are upskilled and become confident and competent with Apple devices across the curriculum.

Apple Teacher, is a free and self-paced professional learning programme, that complements the tailored, personalised learning delivered by our KRCS APL workshops. It’s fun and interactive, helping to build skills on iPad and Mac and offering curated resources, lesson ideas and inspiration as you learn. Participants earn recognition as an official Apple Teacher.

Being fully up to speed with Apple technology means teachers can capitalise on the Classroom app that lets them track student progress across every iPad during lessons. Additionally, the Schoolwork app empowers teachers to effortlessly ‘hand out’ and then collect assignments. It's easy to see how educating teachers is good for everyone.

To find out more about Apple Professional Learning from KRCS contact our Education team.

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