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Refresh & Recycle: Innovation is a process

Apple state that "Innovation is a Process” and schools will find it hard to continue to innovate if the technology they use is out of date. With careful budget planning being required in all areas of public life, education is no exception, schools must make the right investments in their I.T.


Longevity and value are frequently used in conversations we have with schools and careful planning can help to deliver on this. It’s where the KRCS Education team can help. Apple School Manager, Apple Classroom and Shared iPad all rely on the latest iOS to run securely and efficiently.


Without the latest suite of Apple education apps, you can’t enable teachers to guide learning and share work, share devices when a 1:1 deployment isn’t practical or affordable, or integrate with your Mobile Device Management system to offer new features and functions.


Many schools lose out on these latest features and avoid upgrades because they believe they will be costly, but they don’t have to be. You can keep ahead of the curve with our Refresh and Recycle programme, which allows schools and educational establishments to replace ageing products, by putting their residual value toward the cost of new devices.


By trading in 30 devices, it could bring down the cost of new iPads by up to £1,000 (depending on specification and condition). This is enough to cover the cost of a FirstClass Managed Service for 50 devices for a year. Managed Service brings enormous value, with hassle-free deployment and no in-house staff required to manage your new iPads, leaving you to benefit from all the latest apps and experiences from AR to Apple Classroom with no headaches.


Unlike commercial finance schemes and offerings, we can offer leasing which is compliant with DfE regulations. Funding via a lease or our monthly FirstClass Subscription Plan will give you the flexibility to leverage your budget to finance more equipment than you could buy outright. Coupled with parental contribution schemes that we also support, an iPad deployment can become cost neutral and you could make savings elsewhere, for example, by reducing printing costs, spending on books and photocopying.


Our Refresh and Recycle programme means we’re able to assist institutions with new purchases in several ways. We have the expertise in financial modelling which will maximise your available budget by spreading the cost. So what does this process involve? Firstly, you need to compile a list of the devices that you’re going to recycle. If you’re unsure of exactly what they are, then just the serial number will do. From those details, we can then put together a quote to give you an indication of their value. This again will be dependent on the condition of each device. Your devices will be collected, at a convenient time to suit you, and inspected at our workshop.


Once they are assessed, we can make you a formal offer which you can either accept or reject. By going ahead at that point, we recycle your devices and credit the value to your account, ready for you to use against your new investment. If you decide not to recycle your devices, we’ll arrange for them to be returned to you. We’re happy to advise you and your school on the next steps and should you wish us to offer a valuation on the items you currently own, then please contact our education team for further details.


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