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Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

What is Creative Cloud for Teams?

Adobe have moved their software to a subscription based service, rather than a one-off purchase. One of the appealing elements of this model is that it allows Adobe to release incremental updates more often, rather than a large update every year or so. Also, because the updates are included in the subscription cost, rather than having to shell out around £2000 every year for the most up-to-date version, you can stay current whilst keeping control of the departmental software budget.

Another huge advantage of Creative Cloud for Teams is that the company owns the license. If you install CS5 onto a current employee’s machine and they then leave the company, taking that machine with them, you’ve potentially lost that license. Similarly, buying an individual license for Creative Cloud, assigns the license to the individual allowing them to take it with them. With CCfT, any licenses are owned by your company. You can assign a license to any of your employees; and if they leave, you can take the license back and reassign it.

It's also worth noting that CCfT includes a massive 100GB of cloud storage, per license, for collaboration with colleagues and clients; whereas the individual license only has 20GB.


How much does it cost? 

Updated 22nd August 2017

There are 2 options for purchasing Creative Cloud for Teams licenses: Complete, or Single App.

CCfT Complete - £708 per year, excluding VAT

This includes the complete Suite of Adobe Apps. Just like Master Collection used to.

CCfT Single App - £303.36 per year, per app*, excluding VAT

A single app, like Photoshop or Premiere Pro, for example.

* Exceptions to this pricing are: Acrobat Pro (£151.68), InCopy (£50.52)

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