Why we love the notch on the iPhone X

With the introduction of the iPhone X, the iPhone finally has a bezel-less display. Unlike other edge-to-edge displays though, Apple hasn’t kept the top bezel totally intact. In a move that has now caused quite the storm online, Apple has created, ‘The Notch’. Terrible right? Well no, not really. Let us explain…

First of all, the bezel hasn't completely gone and this time it’s entirely black, whether you go for the Space Grey or Silver variant, and that just looks great. This is far better than previous generations, namely the Product(RED) iPhone 7 (Yes, I’m still bitter about it not having a black front). This all means that with the X, white bezels are no more. Having black bezels, the sensors and cameras are well hidden and the notch perfectly blends into the device. All ensuring a much better aesthetic design than if it was white. Ideally, we would all love a phone where the front was all display, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Encasing the sensors and camera, the notch isn’t just a design choice, it's a functional one too.


We highlighted the design choices of phone manufactures in our blog post Remember when the iPhone was different and new? where it became abundantly clear, smartphones are just copies of one another. With the race for thinnest bezel, things aren’t exactly changing anytime soon. This is where the notch plays into Apple’s hands. It's instantly recognisable, people are going to realise that that’s an iPhone X you’re holding. Whether you want that or not, if you're spending £999 some degree of rarity is certainly nice.

We think the notch can be a leading feature of Apple's new flagship phone, but that's not exactly a popular choice. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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