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Ensuring your iPad deployment is successful and scalable

Device management is a key consideration. It is important that your Mobile Device Management solution is compatible with the education features of iOS and MacOS, such as Shared iPad and Apple Classroom and that you are comfortable with the chosen solution.

KRCS Managed Service for Schools

We offer a great solution that manages your devices and the software that goes on them in your school. FirstClass Managed Service uses Jamf Pro, best in class, and is the most effective MDM on the market to integrate with Apples deployment programs. We provide seamless deployments right out of the box and continue to manage your devices whilst in the hands of your students.

Lightspeed Systems

Managing network activity

Schools must safely manage the network activity of devices owned by the school and those carried in by students, staff and visitors. Lightspeed Systems provide tools designed exclusively for schools enabling safe, fast access to the internet plus precise, easily devolved control over mobile devices.

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Zero-touch deployment

Automating the easy stuff and making the hard stuff easy, JAMF Pro brings zero-touch deployment for Mac and iPad, with support for Mac imaging and user-initiated enrolment for BYOD.

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File Sharing

File sharing and the ability to securely move files between students and teachers is also crucial to your workflow and KRCS can show you how to access your Windows Server based shared folders on iPad and Mac without having to change your network infrastructure.

Foldr from Minnow IT gives you the convenience of cloud storage on iPad whilst retaining and re-using your existing network server storage. Staff and students can access their familiar ‘My Documents’ folder and shared network resources anywhere. Easily create simple workflows for all users to exchange files for submission, evaluation & feedback. There's no need to give your data and documents to an external company for "safe keeping". With Foldr your files stay on your servers. You can even try Foldr on your own network today, all you need to do is request your free trial.


Showcasing student work

Showcasing student work using your digital signage and engaging the wider community is an important consideration of any iPad or Mac deployment.

TrilbyTV is cloud based so that you can access and play your content to any screen in your school. The TrilbyTV app will work on any platform – iOS, Mac, Windows and Android are all supported. Many schools have their digital signage turned off or simply showing the time, news feeds or static slideshows. Bring your school reception area to life with TrilbyTV - a new, effective and simple to use digital signage tool designed for education.

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More information

For more information about these solutions please get in touch with our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email