Apple iPhone Repairs

Apple iPhone Repairs

Your iPhone is in safe hands

KRCS offer iPhone repair and replacement services using only Apple genuine replacement devices and parts. If you represent an organisation which has a regular requirement for iPhone repairs or need a one off quantity of iPhones repaired please visit our Bulk Apple Repairs page to learn more about the services that we can offer.

Genuine Apple repairs for iPhone can be offered on a whole unit device replacement basis, which fundamentally means you give us your faulty device and we give you a working one, either under the terms of the Apple warranty or for a fee if not covered by warranty. Apple also provide same unit repairs which means that if the fault can be fixed by replacing one of a select few parts (battery, speaker, receiver, camera, vibe motor or home button) your original iPhone will be repaired and returned to you.  The deicison on whether to proceed with a same unit or whole unit repair is made by KRCS for warranty claims, but can be determined by you for chargeable service.

If your iPhone has a damaged screen you may be able to benefit from the official Apple iPhone ‘Display Replacement’ service. Unlike third party screen repairs this service uses genuine Apple parts and does not effect any remaining manufacturers warranty. Because our technicians cannot know if your iPhone has suffered any additional internal damage beyond the screen from an external inspection we require authorisation for the full cost of ‘Out Of Warranty Service’ when booking a device in for a ‘Display Replacement’. If the iPhone has additional damage which makes it ineligible for display replacement your device will automatically be processed as an out of warranty whole unit replacement. If your device has damage making it ineligible for all service we will return it to you without charge.

iPhone liquid damage may mean that that your device is eligible for chargeable service depending on how extensively the liquid has entered the device. Information on how best to handle a liquid damaged iPhone before you get it to our workshop can be found on our Water or Liquid Damage page.

Typical repair costs for chargeable iPhone repairs. As of January 2018 these are the chargeable repair options available for iPhone whole unit replacements and screen repairs. All pricing includes VAT is subject to inspection of the iPhone for signs of misuse or damage which would make it ineligible for service.

Out of Warranty Service Display Replacement Battery
iPhone X £559 £289 £25
iPhone 8 Plus £409 £179 £25
iPhone 8 £359 £159 £25
iPhone 7 Plus £359 £179 £25
iPhone 7 £329 £159 £25
iPhone 6s Plus £339 £179 £25
iPhone 6s £309 £159 £25
iPhone 6 Plus £339 £159 £25
iPhone 6 £309 £139 £25
iPhone SE £259 £139 £25
iPhone 5s, 5c, 5 £259 £139 £79