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FirstClass Mac

Mac in Education

Mac in Education

Mac is built for the classroom. It gives students and teachers new ways to be creative and productive and to craft deeply engaging learning materials. It comes with powerful software to handle everyday tasks and the most ambitious projects. That’s why Mac has been the most loved computer in the classroom for over 30 years.

KRCS Managed Service for Schools

Enhance your experience with our FirstClass Managed Service for Schools. Our highly experienced Jamf and Apple certified technicians remotely manage your Mac deployment, taking care of apps, configuration, updates and Active Directory integration, giving you more time to teach.


Every Mac comes with a powerful suite of free creativity and productivity apps. There are thousands more on the built-n Mac App Store from education software developers to help students and teachers explore almost any subject.

iBooks Author

Create engaging Multi-Touch books, projects and other learning materials for iPad or Mac using iBooks Author. Design interactive learning experiences that map to your curriculum and key stage. Drag and drop video, text, music, and even 3D models to help students hear, see, touch and better understand concepts. Students can also use iBooks Author to create their own books, reports, guides and field trip logs.


Coding unlocks creativity, develops problem-solving skills and prepares students for future careers. Swift is a powerful programming language created by Apple developers to make writing code simple and intuitive, so it’s a perfect first language for teaching real-world programming. Xcode 7 has everything students and teachers need to start building their own incredible apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Mac apps


MacOS Sierra is the most advanced desktop operating system for Mac. It’s designed alongside the hardware so everything works together seamlessly. Every Mac comes with Keynote, Pages and Numbers, which are compatible with Microsoft Office formats.

Creative apps from Apple

iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iBooks Author – for movies, music, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and Multi-Touch books are all free with every new Mac.

Create a whole new kind of book

Easily create a Multi-Touch book for iPad or Mac – complete with rich graphics, movies, photo galleries, Keynote animations, 3D objects and more with the free iBooks Author app.

iTunes U Course Manager

Create a complete course with your own digital materials using iTunes U Course Manager – an easy-to-use tool for the Mac. Give your students a rich, immersive learning experience using the iTunes U app for Mac.

Case Studies

Customer Story

Albert Pritchard Infant and Wood Green Junior Federated Schools, Wednesbury, West Midlands

The schools’ ICT suite was simply not fit for purpose. Immobile, unreliable, slow and expensive to licence, the equipment was not enabling teachers to engage with pupils in a way that would give them a keen interest to learn.

The schools installed a bright and modern Apple ICT suite and are now using a mixture of iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad to deliver the curriculum in a more exciting, interactive and mobile way.

Learn more about their journey

Mac in Education


Powerful assistive features are built into Mac to complement vision, hearing, motor skills, learning and literacy to create opportunities for all learners. Conveniently stored together under Accessibility in System Preferences, here are just three of them.

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Dwell Control

A new macOS feature that can move the cursor on-screen, by head- or eye-tracking hardware. A timer appears when the cursor dwells on a certain location, like on the Dock. A timer then appears and when it expires, a mouse click is prompted.

Switch Control

Another macOS feature for those with physical or motor skill limitations. It gives the ability to navigate the screen using “scanning”, using a variety of adaptive devices like switches, joysticks or even a keyboard space bar.


VoiceOver offers support for more than 30 languages and quite simply will tell you exactly what is happening on the screen of your Mac or iPad, when you can’t see it. Giving auditory descriptions and helpful hints, the speaking rate and pitch can be adjusted to your preference.

Contact the Education team

For more information about Mac in education or to arrange an in-school demonstration of the Accessibility features, please get in touch with our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email