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Leadership Strategy - realising your vision and plan.

Having a clear vision and plan is key to a successful iPad or Mac deployment in your institution. We work with key staff members to develop a structured plan and timeline, identifying areas for improvement and prerequisites to ensure the right level of support at various milestones in the deployment and enhance your vision and plan.


Create a clear vision and IT strategy for your school capturing your aspirations for teaching, learning and the school environment.


Understand the way, teachers, staff, students and parents interact and react to change, shaping the learning environment while supporting the vision.


The potential capacity of people, programmes and systems to grow, develop, implement, sustain and expand over time.


A team of influencers and innovators keep teachers, staff, students and parents engaged by mapping out and implementing the vision.


Community buy-in and support helps to build and sustain a successful vision and contributes to continuous innovation.


Transforming the classroom with technology needs to be financially sustainable with room for growth and refresh.


Successful schools establish measurable goals to identify areas for improvement and track progress and successes.

Planning Essentials

Contact the education team to arrange your Planning Essentials session, where we'll help you to realise your vision and plan.

Apple Leadership Series

The Apple Leadership book series develops strategies and helps to establish and sustain a commitment to continuous innovation. Use interactive widgets and planning tools to raise the bar for how technology enables your learning community. Each of the following books are available in Apple Books, to help build a sustainable approach to technology in the classroom;

Apple Distinguished Schools

Apple Distinguished Schools (ADS) showcase best practice, and openly share their successes by hosting school visits and publishing their stories on Apple Books. Contact the education team to arrange your visit to an ADS.

Events & Forums

The KRCS education team attend events throughout the country as well as hosting forums where they demonstrate what a modern deployment looks like in the classroom. These forums are specifically for SLT and encourage open discussions around vision and plan.

Financial Sustainability

We know that financial sustainability is important when a school considers the best value available within their budget. Longevity and value are frequently used in conversations we have with schools and careful planning can help to deliver on this. Refreshing and recycling your Apple equipment releases its value and can be used as a trade-in against your new purchase. Your pre-loved devices will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. This includes collection and secure data removal. You can read more about our trade-in programme here.

1:1 schemes

Put devices into the hands of every child with tailored leasing schemes with options to take ownership and offer them to parents or return them to the lease company (title fees apply).


Mobile devices can be vulnerable to accidental damage and theft. KRCS are FSA registered and provide insurance policies with unlimited claims and zero excess for Apple devices.

Parental contributions

KRCS can model your financial needs to suggest a parental contribution amount, all with automatic payment collection and a comprehensive web console for the school to keep track.


Spread the payment for your technology with subscription, to guarantee a lower average cost and the flexibility to suit your changing needs, without the high capital expenditure.

More information

For more information about leadership strategy please get in touch with our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email