Launch Control

FirstClass: Launch Control

Technical support from KRCS

The iPad deployment assistant for schools

FirstClass: Launch Control

Launch Control from KRCS is designed to assist schools with new iPad deployments to get the technical setup just right from day one and keep it that way. Whether you choose our Launch Control: Remote, OnSite or Sustain package, our experts will help to build firm foundations for your deployment and ensure that iPad can be used as a transformational tool for learning without unnecessary technical concerns.

Launch Control: Relaunch

Launch Control: Relaunch is equally relevant to schools who may have been using iPads for some time and for whatever reason are finding technical challenges an obstacle to good use in the classroom. If you find buying and installing new Apps a problem, rely on using a PC or Mac to manage them, or they are not charged and ready to use when you need them, contact KRCS and we can Relaunch your deployment.

Best Practice

Using best practice to manage iPad in schools, can really benefit the teaching and learning in the classroom, giving teachers the confidence to use Apple technology more often and effectively. Contact the KRCS Education team to find out more or to arrange a technical audit to find out where Launch Control can help.

Likewise, if you would like more information about our iPad or Mac teacher training packages or skills audit, let us know.



Launch Control: Remote


Experienced KRCS technicians will conduct private and live one to one webinar or remote control sessions. Both sessions are aimed at the schools technical lead of the iPad project, but Session One will also require a member of staff with authority to open Apple deployment programmes accounts for the school:

Session One
  • Apple School Manager
    • Apple Volume Purchase Programme enrolment (VPP)
    • Apple Device Enrolment Programme registration (DEP)
  • Apple ID strategy
  • Configuration profile strategy
Session Two
  • DEP integration with mobile device management solution (MDM)
  • VPP integration with MDM
  • Managed app distribution setup in MDM
  • Configuration profile setup in MDM
  • Device registration for DEP
  • Pilot device enrolment in MDM

Launch Control: OnSite

typically £1,199+VAT
for a primary school

Including all of the benefits from Launch Control: Remote plus a full day on-site from the technician to assist with the following:

  • Device enrolment and verification
  • Coaching for ongoing management of Apple deployment programs
  • File management workflow best practices
  • Planning for user ‘on boarding’ sessions
  • MDM tips, tricks and best practices
    • Deploying an app
    • Removing an app
    • Refreshing devices
    • Password reset
    • Backing up devices
    • Restoring devices

Launch Control: Sustain

from £99+VAT per month
for a primary school with a minimum 6 month subscription

Ongoing remote and on-site support as required for your iPad deployment. Unlimited on-site collection and return of repairs, and up to two on-site technician visits per year of continuous subscription to assist with any aspect of the deployment are included. Typical uses of this service include:

  • New app purchase/deployment
  • Modifying configuration profiles
  • Remote assistance with new MDM features
  • Registration for new Apple deployment programs
  • Ongoing device registration for DEP
  • Assistance with major iOS update rollout
  • Priority repairs with on-site service

Launch Control: Relaunch

from £699+VAT

All of the benefits from the same technical expertise included in Launch Control, but designed to migrate schools from legacy deployment methods to the latest best practice, KRCS Relaunch includes the following:

  • Complete a technical audit of your current technology management
  • Advise on minimum system requirements for new Apple deployment programs
  • Make recommendations for transition to Apple School Manager account
  • Migrate from Apple Configurator to a Mobile Device Management solution
  • Discuss upgrade or trade in of existing equipment where necessary
  • Coaching and mentoring to cover iPad management using “best practice"