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Trilby TV

A simple to use digital signage tool.

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform made for education. As experts, their mission is to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion amongst staff and students, whilst enhancing parental engagement. The TrilbyTV platform is an easy to use and cost effective way for you to #SwitchOnYourSignage.

TrilbyTV is cloud based so that you can access and play your content to any screen in your school. The TrilbyTV app will work on any platform – iOS, Mac, Windows and Android are all supported. Many schools have their digital signage turned off or simply showing the time, news feeds or static slideshows. Take that TV screen that you have on your reception wall, connect any media player and install TrilbyTV. The TrilbyTV Player app works on any platform including Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.

TrilbyTV Trial offer

KRCS and TrilbyTV are currently offering an exciting opportunity for schools looking to trial the number one digital signage platform for education. Sign up and we’ll happily visit your school, install and set up TrilbyTV, and provide you with your first player device, all free of charge. Get in touch to take advantage of this offer or sign up now. You can also request a TrilbyTV demo below.

Getting started is easy.


More Information

For more information about any of TrilbyTV's features, or how to book your Trial of Demo, please contact our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email