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iPad Accelerator Program by KRCS

iPad Accelerator Program

These three sessions are designed to kickstart your investment in technology, resulting in improved day-to-day application of iPad across your institution.

Who is this program designed for?

If you have a class set of iPad in your institution but you’re wondering how they can unlock pupil progress and creativity, then this program is for you. Figuring this out whilst teaching is a tall order in itself, so let KRCS lend a hand and save you some time.

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist we’ve partnered with schools since 1983 to help develop their curriculum and deployment. We offer this program to accelerate understanding and technical readiness of iPad across your school.

Over 3 half days, you’ll be inspired with best practice from us and resources from Apple; at the end of the program you’ll use iPad with confidence and enthusiasm.

These sessions are ideal for middle and senior leaders who can demonstrate best practice to their colleagues throughout their school or institution.

What does the program look like?

Session One

We’ll get to know you and your current goals whilst demonstrating the diverse possibilities of teaching and learning with iPad.

Session Two & Three

We’ll work with you to choose the two most appropriate modules from the options below. These involve a mixture of objectives and ideas to create impactful changes across your institution.

Choose from the modules below

iPad Accelerator Program
£699 for 3 half days*

Educators that work with us on these modules will start seeing innovative use of iPad regularly throughout their institution.

This leads to more engagement, excitement and enthusiasm in pupils. Parents will see the impact on their children. Teachers will feel invigorated as they integrate new technology into classrooms.

Get in touch with us to discuss starting your program, email or call the team on 0115 985 1797.

Terms & Conditions

*Geographical location may incur additional costs for travel and accommodation. Program is intended for a single school but may be extended to multiple schools within a trust, please ask us for details.