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Everyone can code

Everyone Can Code

An essential skill

Coding is an essential 21st Century skill and learning to code teaches you how to solve problems. It is also part of the UK National Curriculum so Apple has designed a new approach to it that lets anyone learn, write and teach code.

With our FirstClass Managed Service for Schools, we offer onsite training for staff, delivered by our Apple accredited trainer, Chris Smith. Our bespoke training adapts and builds on your existing skills in technology, to inspire learning and teaching in the classroom.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is for first-time coders, an iPad app that makes getting started fun and interactive. With the built-in Learn to Code lessons, use real code to solve puzzles and meet characters you can control with just a tap. The book "Intro to App Development with Swift" will help you learn how to start building your first app, from start to finish. You’ll learn the basics and experiment with playgrounds in Xcode, the software used to make apps on your Mac.


Apple designed Swift to be easy to use and it lets you see what you’re creating with code as you write it. It uses familiar words, like “print”, “add” and “remove”. Swift is great for getting started with code and it’s also incredibly powerful. Some of the world’s most popular apps are created in Swift.

Learning to code

Learning to code

Learning to code with Swift Playgrounds is fun and engaging and requires no previous coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for students just starting out. The app comes with a complete set of Apple-designed lessons. Play through the basics in “Fundamentals of Swift” using real code to guide a character through a 3D world. Solve puzzles to master the basics using Swift, then take on a series of challenges and step up to more advanced creations. Swift Playgrounds includes a collection of extra challenges — with new ones added over time.


To help on more advanced creations, Templates will give you a head start — providing code that takes advantage of iPad technologies like the accelerometer and the gyroscope. Add your own graphics, audio and more to make them more interactive.


Share your code to a friend’s iPad using Mail, Messages or AirDrop. Your friends can view it in Swift Playgrounds and even build on it by adding their own code. Because you’re working with real code, you can import and export directly between Swift Playgrounds and Xcode, so you can try out your ideas with the tool pros use to develop iOS and Mac apps.

Contact the Education team

For more information about Swift Playgrounds or to arrange an in-school demonstration, please get in touch with our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email