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Whingate Primary School

Whingate Primary School

Vision for improvement

Whingate Primary School wanted a device that would liberate their pupils from the confines of an IT suite but still allow them to further develop the way in which they conduct research, collaborate with others and, ultimately, how they express their ideas.

After taking the time to consider the options available to them Whingate Primary’s immersive education expert, Carol Newton, decided that there was really only one device that met their needs - Apple’s iPad. “We chose iPads... because of the flexibility they offer, because of the range and quality of apps, and because of the large amount of support and professional development available for them”.

Whingate Primary School wanted to offer their pupils the leading technology for classrooms to ensure that they possess the fundamental skills and abilities needed for their future in a 21st century education system.

Resulting benefits of iPad in the classroom

Carol Newton pioneered Whingate Primary’s initial classroom set of iPad before making them accessible to the entire school, allowing her to build a repertoire for her colleagues to follow. The school has since readily adopted iPad throughout to complement their curriculum and now possess nearly 100 devices.

With obvious improvements to their students’ academic performance, Carol’s experience with iPad in the classroom has become a beacon of inspiration for other schools in her local area. Even to this day Carol shares her vision, experiences and lesson ideas through her website.

“From the very first contact we made with KRCS it was clear that they were willing to tailor their advice and support to our needs as a school, rather than offering a fixed package.”
Carol Newton, Lower KS2 Phase Leader, Whingate Primary School“

Working with KRCS

Whingate Primary School wanted a reseller who could not only provide technical expertise, competitive pricing and second-to-none customer service, but they also wanted someone who would simply listen to their needs and wholeheartedly share their vision for iPad in the classroom. KRCS recognise that every school is potentially unique and as such aim to provide a tailored solution to match individual requirements. KRCS can advise every step of the way to ensure any school’s iPad journey can strive from strength to strength.