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KRCS Repair Journey

Here at KRCS we are able to carry out repairs across Apple’s product range including, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. We ensure that these are to the high standard you can expect from an Apple Authorised Service Provider. Whether your Apple Product is in or out of warranty, our Apple qualified engineers will know what to do.

Let’s go through what the process looks like when you bring in you Apple Product to us for repair.

Please note that this is based on a problem that requires our engineers to deal with. Some smaller issues can be resolved on location whilst you wait.

Bringing your product to us

At KRCS we see all kinds of different repair jobs. From dropped iPhones with smashed screens to failing hard drives in Macs, it can happen to the best of us. At KRCS we cover it all and the best way to start your journey is by bringing your Apple product into one of our locations.

Depending on which location you bring it to can define how long you will have to wait for the repair to be completed. If you’re close to our Hull, Derby or Nottingham retail and service locations or our head office Nottingham Service Centre, you can book an appointment here. Doing this can eliminate some of the waiting time overall, as a diagnosis of the issue will take place whilst you wait.

We’d advise making a backup no matter the product. However, if the product is an iPhone or iPad it will be wiped of all data, regardless of the repair. We strongly suggest you make a backup before bringing it into us.

When you arrive at one of our locations, you will be met by a KRCS employee. We will begin to ask you a few questions about the product, all whilst inspecting your device thoroughly. These questions might include, how long have you had the device, have you backed it up recently, among other questions more tailored to the machine and situation itself.

After we have a greater understanding of what’s going on with your device, we can then book it in with an engineer. We will ask for your name, mobile number and so on, whilst checking the device once more, noting any existing damage.

If the product in question is a Mac, and it is out of warranty, then there will be an initial £29 diagnostic fee to pay on booking.

With the engineers

Once the product is at one of our service locations it can take around 3-5 days (if you haven’t booked an appointment at specific locations) to be inspected and fully diagnosed. Our engineers are some of the most experienced in the UK, being trained and assessed regularly to ensure the best quality.

Once the problem has been identified, our engineers will call to update you on the situation and the best options going forward. If given the go ahead and depending on the particular repair, the job is normally completed within 2-3 days. If the repair cannot be carried out, the engineers will still contact you, but they will send it back to the location where it was dropped off to us.

Completion of repair

Once the repair is complete, the device will go under testing to ensure it’s fit for your collection. Once the engineers have verified the repair and confirmed the device is working again, it will then be sent back to the location you first booked it into. We will then give you call to come and collect the device at your convenience.


When you come to collect your device you must ensure that you have the booking form that was provided or a piece of photo identification. Once you’ve had a chance to check the device and ensured you are happy with the repair, we’ll ask you to sign to confirm you are satisfied. After that, we’ll take any payments (where the work isn’t covered by warranty) and your now working device is yours again. Please note that you may receive an email from Apple in the following days, asking you a few questions about your experience with us and level of repair, we would be grateful if you took the time to complete this short survey.

If the device is in warranty with more than 90 days left on it, that warranty will continue. If however, it has less than 90 days warranty remaining, or no warranty at all, the device will be assigned a 90-day warranty covering the repair we have done for you.

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, our repairs are conducted on behalf of Apple to the same standard as those conducted by Apple themselves. Whether your machine is under warranty or not, we want you to know we will do everything we can to help you.

All of the details for specific device repairs can be found on our website, including pricing estimates.