Apple student discount pricing
Apple Student Pricing

Student Discounts

Whats the deal?

Nice and simple, as a student you can save money when you shop with KRCS. No complicated bundles or finance offers that you don’t want, just the products you want at a price you want to pay. To check out the latest pricing just create an account at our online store, then login and browse the online store. Alternatively just contact your local KRCS store.

What about support?

Just because you pay less for the product doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit excellence in after sales support. Your Mac comes with a standard warranty but, if you’re looking for more comprehensive hardware cover for the duration of your course, why not consider AppleCare as a great value for money support option which also benefits from student discounts. AppleCare provides three years of hardware support and telephone support* for your Mac on top of the support that you will receive from your local KRCS store.

*AppleCare must be purchased and registered within twelve months of the original purchase date of your Mac. It then provides up to three years of AppleCare benefits from the Mac’s original date of purchase.