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Professional Services


Professional Services

BusinessClass Managed Service. Downtime through equipment failure is the one thing no business can predict. However, you can minimise the chances of it happening in the first place and ensure fast, effective disaster recovery by choosing a BusinessClass Managed Service contract. All of our managed services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers, but these are the typical considerations:

Servers & Data Storage

Ensuring that the right storage solution is in place to suit your business, be that cloud storage for a predominantly mobile workforce or SAN based local storage for the most performance intensive applications. KRCS will also administer a server based directory of users and groups to ensure managed access to resources like email, calendar file servers, printers and other network access are in place, granting the right people access to the right resources.

Data Backup

A good server backup strategy can consist of two components to ensure safe backup. Typically the first backup strategy maintains incremental backups locally for disaster recover, with a second mirror style backup off site. But off site backups can be technically challenging when dealing with significant volumes of data (1TB of data can require up to 2 days to copy over an uncontended 100meg internet connection), so KRCS can complete an initial mirror of data to the ‘off site’ backup locally, before moving the remote storage solution offsite to it’s permanent location for subsequent mirror backups of modified files only. KRCS monitor the performance of backups remotely and are alerted to any issues effecting backup integrity.

App deployment, Software Updates & Caching Solutions

To optimise the experience of Apple devices downloading software updates, apps or accessing iCloud data KRCS maintain local services on your network to manage and significantly speed up the process. Whenever an Apple device requests relevant online data from Apple the device first checks to see if it’s available locally, and if so will download it from the local caching server saving load on your internet connection. If the data isn’t already cached locally it’s downloaded normally from the internet and cached locally for subsequent requests. Caching Server caches apps, music, iCloud data, iOS system updates and more. When combined with a Software Update Server caching Mac system updates, the two solutions provide significant improvement in network speed and allow selective distribution of updates as and when the organisation is ready for them to be installed, ensuring maximum client productivity throughout the working day. KRCS technicians technicians login periodically and only enable system updates deemed as essential, or those that have been verified as compatible with client applications.

KRCS can also manage the distribution of 3rd party apps not available via the App Store, making predefined packages like Adobe Creative Suite, Chrome etc available to be deployed automatically on a set schedule.



Preventative Maintenance

We offer periodic remote sessions as part of our managed services when our technicians perform general preventative maintenance. Services offered during these sessions include:

  • Checking system logs
  • Monitoring Mac system updates
  • Deploying new versions of 3rd party packages
  • Monitoring network solutions
  • Applying firmware updates to hardware
  • Scheduling updates which may interrupt workflow
  • Checking backup logs

Maintenance SLA

Service levels required vary by industry and IT application, so KRCS will work with you on an SLA to suit your business, varying from instant remote fixes to same day hardware repairs.

Apple Repair Services

KRCS are one of the longest established Apple Service Providers in the UK. As an Apple authorised business we provide comprehensive support and repair services for Apple products.

We employ Apple-certified technicians, who complete regular Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you’re getting help from qualified, experienced professionals.

With a proven track record of high customer satisfaction ratings for repair services, and exclusive access to genuine Apple parts, we can deliver quick, efficient repairs and an easy, straightforward customer experience.

Business Leasing

Spread the cost of new Apple equipment over 3 years with KRCS BusinessClass Rental, our straight forward, Apple backed, leasing solution. Click the button below for more details and indicative pricing.

More information

If you'd like to know more about KRCS•Care managed services contact our business team on 0115 985 1797 or email