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BusinessClass Rental


BusinessClass Rental

Save up to 25% on the latest Apple Technology

The simple and affordable way to save money on the latest Apple kit. Why tie up hard earned cash?

Our BusinessClass Rental is a straight forward finance product, backed by Apple, which allows you to spread the cost of renting new Apple equipment over 3 years. The difference between this and a standard lease is that we predict a true, fair market value for the equipment when it’s 3 years old, and deduct that up front. You pay the lowest possible rental by paying to use the kit, rather then paying to own it.

If you decide that you want to keep the equipment at the end of 3 years, that’s available by paying the fair market value to take ownership. Alternatively you can return the equipment and consider taking out a new BusinessClass Rental on the latest Apple devices.

All business pricing is indicative and excludes VAT. Minimum spend for BusinessClass Rental is £1,000 + VAT. BusinessClass Rental is powered by Apple Financial Services, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. All products must be adequately insured against damage, loss and theft during the term of the lease. Document fees apply (£83.33 + VAT) for all new rentals. End of rental term flexible options include refreshing to the latest equipment, flexible returns or purchase of the equipment at fair market value. For further information please contact