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Apple Personal Training

Personal Training

Individual training sessions, tailored for you

What is personal training?

You want to get to know your new Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch as easily as possible. Our Personal Training sessions are tailored to suit your level of knowledge, from beginner to advanced user. Our friendly staff will explain everything to you at your pace.

What topics can be covered?

You can try our ‘Getting Started’ courses for Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, or design a session covering a topic of your choice. We’ll provide a personal training session with a member of staff who is an expert in that area (we’ll let you know if you’ve picked a tricky subject!).

How do I book a session?

You’ll need Personal Training Credits to allow you to book your session at your local high street KRCS store. You can purchase training credits from any of our high street stores.

You can buy a single session for £20.00

You can then book your first session whilst in store, once you have purchased your credits. All future bookings should be made by calling or emailing the store you purchased your Personal Training Credits

Bookings can be made with a minimum of 48 hours notice, and you can only have one session booked at a time.