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iPad Educator Collection by KRCS

iPad Educator Collection

New topics, pedagogies and trends are always emerging in education. With our years of industry experience, we have curated a collection of popular and effective workshops that facilitate powerful change and serve as impactful inspiration for educators.

With 22 individual topics, select those which spark your curiosity from our iPad Educator Collection. Spanning from effective use of AI in the classroom through to creative and immersive Augmented Reality experiences to stimulate story-telling: the workshops in this collection will prompt innovative, excitable moments.

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Two workshops (1 day)        £599+VAT
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Six workshops (3 days)     £1,549+VAT
iPad Teaching Fundamentals

iPad Teaching Fundamentals

Delve into topics such as Classroom Management, Summative Assessment and Augmented Reality with us, developing your digital confidence.

1Classroom Management

Manage your classroom with iPad and a selection of apps and methodologies. Improve behaviour management strategies and attitudes toward learning.

2Introduction to Apple Teacher

Developing your confidence to use iPad in the classroom with Apple’s self-guided CPD. Apple Teacher can continue your ongoing professional development.

3Direct Instruction

See how students receive, complete and edit work on iPad. Blend digital Direct Instruction with everyday practice, so learning can take place anywhere, anytime.

4Summative Assessment

Capture insightful data in an instant using summative tools on iPad. By the end of this session you’ll be saving hours of time on data collation and marking!

5Inclusion and Accessibility

iPad is an incredible inclusion support tool using features like Magnifier and Focus profiles. We dive into Accessibility and create opportunities for all learners.

6Adaptive teaching

It’s important that learning is accessible to all; by the end of this session you and your class will be comfortable working together on iPad each and every day.

7Augmented Reality (AR)

AR can be used to bring learning to life with applications in storytelling, wider curriculum lessons and more. Find out how you can create engaging and impactful learning experiences in the classroom using AR.
App Spotlight

App Spotlight

We let the Apps take centre stage! Covering creativity with Canva to a catalogue of collaborative workspaces, find out how these apps can help you.


Teachers and pupils alike love Canva. We’ll help you harness it’s power on iPad to create enticing learning resources; saving you time in the long run.


From songs to podcasts and soundscapes, we’ll take you through just what this app can do, allowing you to make meaningful learning moments for your pupils.

3iMovie & Clips

Allow pupils to express themselves with iMovie and Clips. Explore green screens, filters and trailers, and get teaching with iMovie.


Utilise Pages across the curriculum with confidence. We'll show you exactly what you can create with this ‘productivity’ app and how you can use it in all your lessons.


It’s not just presentation software. We'll blow you away with it’s features, from stop-motion animation to image editing to practical demonstrations of handwriting.


iPad can make an impact on the quality of children’s handwriting. This session allows you to support the development of handwriting through the use of varying methods and apps.

7Formative assessment

iPad is your pedagogical assistant. In this workshop we’ll guide you through ways to grab quick formative assessment digitally, saving you time in day to day practice.

8Collaborative Workspaces

Whether its spider diagrams or a shared whiteboard, iPad offers a variety of collaborative apps. We'll ensure you're confident using these apps as learning spaces in your classroom.
Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum Enrichment

Embed iPad across the curriculum seamlessly and open up new opportunities for learning, no matter what topic.


Crack coding with guided resources from Apple. You’ll walk away with confidence to develop medium term plans to teach Swift Playgrounds and more.


Promote language development using video & audio apps and techniques accessible to all. Enable a variety of creative outcomes in the classroom.


Accelerate pupil understanding and make use of in-built tools and apps. We'll ensure you leverage all that iPad can offer your Maths curriculum.

4Creative Digital Art and Design

Use iPad to make simple yet creative digital art with ease. We’ll explore the range of apps and techniques that iPad can offer you and your Art curriculum.

5Empowered Language

Utilise a variety of techniques and apps for KS1 Literacy on iPad. Confidently develop younger learners’ vocabulary using the latest digital tools.

6AI in the classroom

Learn about the benefits of AI in education: from guiding pupils with their work without providing answers to writing reports in record time.

7Connected Devices and iPad

Allow iPad to enrich your curriculum with connected and programmable devices. Learn how to use Apple TV, Sphero, Micro:Bit and more to create boundless opportunities for your pupils.
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