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Environmental Policy

We're committed to minimising the effect we have on the environment.

Environmental policy

KRCS are an approved Apple Premium Partner; we sell, distribute, repair and support all current Apple products. We are committed to providing high quality services which also include providing an option for managed services to select customers and detailed training on the management, application and use of Apple products across the Consumer, Commercial and Education markets.

We aim to operate in an environmentally sustainable way with optional services such as like for like exchanges for WEEE waste when customers buy new devices from our Retail outlets. Our business operates primarily from our head office located in Nottingham, though we work on a national scale with various customers to meet their needs. We understand that our operations impact the environment through our energy use, emissions, consumption and the generation of waste; so we aim to minimise these as much as possible by reviewing our operations whilst considering the whole product lifecycle of the products we handle and the services we provide.

We accept and recognise that it is our responsibility to provide a working environment and operate our business in an environmentally considerate manner. Our senior management are committed to the principles of sustainability and will take all reasonably practicable steps to meet our responsibilities. We shall pay particular attention to:

  • The avoidance of pollution and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance
  • Wholly support and comply with or exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Communicate our environmental commitments to our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders as well as encourage them to also operate in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways when appropriate
  • Purchase supplies and products that do less damage to the environment, and where possible purchase goods and services locally to reduce CO2 emissions, also giving consideration to the environmental lifecycle of the products and services we provide
  • Re-using or re-cycling waste where possible
  • Minimising the use of energy and other natural resources through water and energy saving practices
  • Periodically review and strive to improve our environmental performance to minimise the social and environmental impact of our business activities and our policies

To achieve these aims, we have established an Integrated, Environmental Management System which we intend to use to drive the reduction of our environmental impact and overall improvement of our environmental performance. This Environmental Management System is based on the International Standard ISO 14001 and forms a major part of our fully documented Integrated Management System. Compliance with all requirements of this system should be regarded as mandatory by ALL employees and sub-contractors.

We will comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to our specific business processes, and monitor our environmental impact against agreed business wide objectives and targets to confirm continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the systems and processes which manage it. These objectives and targets will be communicated across the business to ensure all staff are aware of them.


As part of our commitment to reducing the amount of unwanted electrical waste being incinerated or sent to landfill sites, KRCS will arrange to have your old electrical items recycled, free of charge, when you buy new ones. Together we are working to stop precious resources from being lost forever, save lives and help protect the environment.

As part of the UK and European legislation on waste electrical and electronic equipment (the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE Directive), we are committed to make good use of the materials which make up old electrical equipment by recycling, rather than disposing of it in landfill. This helps prevent the environmental effects of the escape of hazardous chemicals from electronic equipment when it decomposes in the earth.

In practice, this means customers will be able to take any 'like-for-like' (i.e. an old laptop or desktop computer when purchasing a new iMac, or an old charger and cable when purchasing a replacement) equipment to a KRCS retail store, either at the time of purchase, or up to 28 days after, with proof of purchase, and KRCS will then arrange for this to be collected and recycled. Please note, KRCS cannot be held responsible for your personal data and we highly recommend that you take the time to erase all personal data from your device before handing it over for recycling. Apple have guides for how to erase iOS devices here and Mac OS devices here.

Please note, schools and businesses must continue to make their own arrangements for the recycling of old electrical equipment and the above only applies to consumer purchases, where a consumer may otherwise struggle to find a safe way to recycle their electronic waste.

Recycling & KRCS

From January 1st, 2021, our customers can take any 'like-for-like" electrical equipment to a KRCS retail store, at time of purchase or up to 28 days afterwards (with proof of purchase) to be recycled. Please note, KRCS cannot be held liable for your personal data. We highly recommend erasing your data before recycling old equipment.

Where can I find recycling centres?

Wherever practical, old electrical waste should not be disposed of with your household waste. You can locate your closest participating collection site at (please remember to have your postcode to hand).

To remind you to recycle, all new electrical products are marked with a crossed out wheeled bin symbol.