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Project Management

Supporting your vision

KRCS’s project management services are available to support your vision for Apple technologies by using our in house team to develop a plan specifically for your needs. All we need to know are your goals for the future and our experts will work with you to develop a plan and implementation strategy which will achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

Our project management services are based on industry standard theories for the delivery of successful projects and backed up by a wealth of technical experience and best practice for the use of Apple technology in the classroom.

FirstClass Project Management

FirstClass Project Management Services

Once you’ve engaged with FirstClass Project Management Services you can expect support in the following areas:

Why ?

This is typically defined in a business case for the project which expands upon the original idea to identify the value of the project to the school and the key deliverables required to achieve it (known as products).

Who ?

Identify the major stakeholders in the project and identify those responsible for delivering the key products with roles and responsibilities clearly defined.

What ?

The initial business case will give the broad outline of the products, but at this stage we go in to more detail about each product and how management will ensure that they are delivered within agreed tolerances. This can relate to any key deliverable for the project like technical underpinnings, staff training or student on boarding sessions.

When ?

A well planned project should be broken up in to stages, at the very least in to three which allows an initiation stage, delivery stage and closing stage. Larger projects may require many more, but breaking a project down in to bite sized chunks significantly reduces the risk of unrealistic expectations and allows the business case to be referred back to regularly to ensure that the initial aims aren’t being missed.

What if ?

No project can be undertaken without any risk at all, but experience helps us to identify key risks in the early stages and project management allows us to assign owners to those risks and strategies to cope with them should they occur.

More information

For more information about our project management services please get in touch with our Education team on 0115 985 1797 or email