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Beats by Dre Repairs

Beats by Dre Repairs

Your Beats are in safe hands. KRCS are pleased to offer genuine service and repairs for Beats by Dr. Dre audio products.

Book a repair

To book a repair at one of our service centres please click the button below. Repairs are made available for collection from where you dropped them off.

Beats by Dr. Dre released their first products back in 2008, ironically because co-founder Jimmy Lovine was so dismayed by the quality of headphones supplied with iPods that he wanted to provide an alternative, quality audio product to the mainstream.

Six years later Apple were so impressed with the Beats products that they made the largest corporate takeover in their history and acquired the company (Dr. Dre and all!) for $3 Billion.

As a result, KRCS are fully accredited by Apple to provide service and repairs on Beats products. If your product is eligible for a warranty repair we can facilitate that free of charge. Chargeable repairs are shown in the table below. All prices include VAT and were correct as of October 2018.

Headphones / Earphones Repair Cost Battery Replacement
Executive £209
Mixr £139
Pro £209
Beats EP £69
Solo / Solo2 £109
SoloWireless £139 £89
SoloWireless £139 £89
Studio 2 £159
Studio 2 Wireless £209 £89
StudioWireless £209 £89
BeatsWireless £89 £69
Powerbeats £69
PowerbeatsWireless £109 £89
PowerbeatsWireless £109 £89
Tour £69
urBeats 2 £69
urBeats £69
Speakers Repair Cost Battery Replacement
Beatbox £199
Pill £129 £89
Pill 2 £129 £89
Pill £129 £89
Pill XL Recall Program