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Apple AirPods Repairs


Apple AirPods Repairs

Your AirPods are in safe hands. Once again, Apple revolutionised a technology product with AirPods. KRCS are proud to offer service for AirPods whether you have a fault, or just need a replacement for a lost AirPod.

Book a repair

To book a repair at one of our service centres please click the button below. Repairs are made available for collection from where you dropped them off.

AirPods were first shipped in December 2016, and soon became one of the most sought after gifts of that year. By the time the second generation of AirPods were launched in early 2019, that distinct look of small white stems pointing down from the ear had become ubiquitous in gyms and public transport networks worldwide.

The AirPods range has since expanded with AirPods Pro later in 2019, and took a big change of direction with the first over-ear product in AirPods Max in late 2020.

If you’re looking for information about AirPods firmware, check out this article 'How Do I Update The Firmware Of My AirPods?'

KRCS are fully authorised by Apple to provide service repairs and replacements for AirPods. Chargeable repairs and replacements for lost components are shown in the table below. All prices include VAT and were correct as of August 2021.

 Repair CostBattery Replacement*Replace when lost
AirPods (1st, 2nd Gen)£65 per bud£45 per bud£65 per bud
AirPods Charging Case£55£45£55
AirPods Wireless Charging Case£65£45£75
AirPods Pro£85 per bud£45 per bud£85 per bud
AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case£85£45£95
AirPods Max£75





*If your battery has malfunctioned due to a manufacturing issue it may be covered by the Apple Warranty for repair at no additional cost. If you have AppleCare+ for AirPods, your AirPod or Charging Case will be replaced if the battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity. Otherwise, we offer battery service for a fee when battery performance has degraded from normal use.