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Genuine Apple Screen Replacement

Unfortunately, accidents happen and now you need to repair or replace the screen on your iPhone.

There are two main routes you might opt to go down, a genuine Apple repair, available through Apple and Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASP) like KRCS; and then there are independents that offer cheaper but not Apple-approved or supplied screen replacements. The second option will often be compelling, however, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of non-genuine repairs and how they can negatively impact the performance, quality, and general experience of using your iPhone.

This article will cover the pros and cons of getting genuine versus non-genuine iPhone screen replacements, so you can then make an informed decision before proceeding with a repair.

Overview of non-genuine Apple screen replacements

Third-party replacement screens will often be cheaper, with many independent stalls and stores offering a while-you-wait service. It can be tempting to choose that over a genuine screen replacement carried out by a certified Apple technician. What we have found when having to replace these lower-quality displays is, often these "fake" screens will not have the same colour accuracy, display quality, durability, or multi-touch capabilities. In some cases, it can affect the functionality of Face ID or Touch ID and have drastically reduced the water resistance of the device.

If a service provider uses non-genuine replacements screens, here are the issues that may occur:

  • The screen may not respond when you perform multi-touch actions: such as zooming in on an image, navigating Maps, and similar.
  • Unexpected touches during a phone call.
  • The display/proximity sensor might not work as intended, which can leave the display turned on during phone calls.
  • True Tone display might not function properly.
  • The ambient light sensor might not function properly causing the screen to dim or brighten incorrectly.

If the device is still within the manufacturer's warranty period, fitting a non-genuine Apple screen will void that warranty. This might have an impact on resale value and leave the iPhone user without protection from Apple.

It's important to be aware of the potential drawbacks of using non-genuine replacement screens. While they may often be cheaper in the short term, the impact on the performance of the device may not be worth the cost savings.

Overview of genuine Apple screen replacements

Genuine Apple screen replacements, however, are manufactured and supplied by Apple, meaning the parts are identical to your original iPhone parts. You can rest assured that the genuine replacement screen will work seamlessly. Your iPhone would not lose features, nor experience any degradation in performance or quality.

Additionally, genuine Apple parts are replaced by Apple-certified technicians, who are trained and authorised by Apple. This ensures that your iPhone is repaired to the highest of standards.

Here are some main key points on why genuine screen replacements are the best choice:

  • Quality and Performance: Genuine Apple parts, including screens, are identical replacements, made to the same high standards as the original parts. The quality of colour, brightness and responsiveness to your touch will be as good as new, all while retaining the same level of water resistance you're used to.
  • Compatibility: This is in our opinion, the most crucial aspect. With genuine replacement parts, you would retain the complete and original functionality of your iPhone. Face or Touch ID, True Tone, ambient and proximity sensors will all work just as they did when you first purchased your device.
  • Service aftercare: Genuine Apple repairs have their own 90-day warranty. If the replacement screen develops any faults or does not perform as you'd expect, within those 90 days, you can bring it back to an Apple store or AASP for repair at no additional cost.

Genuine Apple RepairNon-genuine 3rd Party
QualityApple parts, fitted by trained and qualified engineersThird-party parts fitted by anyone
PerformanceAs newPoor
CompatibilityNo issuesKey features no longer work
WarrantyIntact warranty plus 90 days on the parts and repairVoids Apple warranty
Comparing repair options


While low-cost, third-party repairs can be tempting, they may not always be the best or even the cheapest option in the long term. In our experience, the disadvantages of non-genuine repairs frequently outweigh the benefits. While you may save on the initial cost, you lose on the quality of experience with your device in several key ways. Degraded performance, limited warranty, and uncertainty that all features will remain functional are just a few of the worries. Another crucial aspect to consider is the resale value. When fitted with non-genuine parts, Apple devices usually will not retain their value and you might find it difficult to sell or even trade in your device if and when you decide to upgrade.

Genuine Apple repairs, however, are the complete opposite. While the up-front cost can be higher than third-party, you capitalise on every other aspect. You can rest assured that the replacement parts are genuine and will perform identically as the originals did; with the repair done by an Apple-certified technician, who is trained to provide repairs to the highest of Apple standards.

Overall, investing in a genuine repair might have a higher front-up cost (repair cost), but it can provide value in the long run. You are unlikely to experience any issues or degraded performance as well as you retain support from Apple and Apple Authorised Service Providers. Finally, when you are wanting to replace or upgrade your iPhone, you will have better luck selling it or trading it away if it only consists of genuine Apple parts.

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