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How to claim


Purchase a qualifying MacBook for your business, delivered or collected by you from 3rd September to 28th October 2023.

Submit a claim

Submit your claim via the MacBook promotion website from 30 to 45 days after the date on your invoice. You can submit claims for up to 10 devices.

Receive cashback

Once your claim has been approved, your cashback will be sent via bank transfer within 30 days.

Terms & Conditions

*If you would like to take part in this Promotional Offer, the following Terms and Conditions will apply. You will need to purchase one of the eligible MacBook products listed in the Product Table below and submit an application as a business (sole trader or proprietor of a business entity). Your application must include your company details and a proof of business status (such as a VAT registration with HMRC or Companies House) showing operations within the United Kingdom along with an active British bank account in GBP in the name of your business. You must purchase one of the eligible new products included in the below Product Table from an Apple Authorised Reseller listed in point 4) below, between 3rd September 2023 and 28th October 2023 (Offer Period).

To qualify by meeting these Terms and Conditions for a cash payment by bank transfer of between £60 and £200, you will need to complete an application on this site. Please be aware that this Promotional Offer is subject to close at any time and without notice before the Offer Period expires.

You may purchase up to 10 of the MacBook products included in this Promotional Offer across all participating Apple Authorised Resellers in order to receive up to 10 corresponding cash payments. You may submit one application for all such purchases or up to 10 separate applications through this site.

The following Apple Authorised Resellers within the United Kingdom are participating in this Promotional Offer as eligible for your purchase to qualify (online or in-store): Currys Group Limited, Albion Computers PLC (trading as iStore), KRCS Group Ltd, Select Technology Sales and Distribution UK or Western Computer.

You are not eligible for this Promotional Offer if you are professionally connected with this Promotion or to Apple or any of the above Apple Authorised Resellers. Individuals are specifically excluded; only businesses may participate and must be able to prove their status as a business.

Table 1 - Products included in this Promotional Offer

Eligible Product

Cash Payment

MacBook Air13" M1


MacBook Air 13" M2


MacBook Air 15" M2


MacBook Pro 13"


MacBook Pro 14"


MacBook Pro 16"


After purchasing your eligible MacBook, you will need to visit and complete the application form by including all requested information and supporting documents (such as proof of purchase), during the application period. The application period opens on the 30th day after your purchase and closes on the 45th day after your purchase (with the purchase date on your invoice or receipt being considered Day 1). Any applications sent outside of the application period will be rejected. You will receive an email confirming whether your application is approved within five business days of your application.

You may only make an application online through this site. No postal or hand delivered applications can be accepted.

If you are approved your cash payment in GBP will be made to the bank account included in your application, within 30 calendar days of approval.

If the information you send appears to be fraudulent, incomplete, altered or illegible this will entail further checks to prove your eligibility, or the authenticity of your business including additional details that may be required for verification purposes and your inability to do so will disqualify you from this Promotion.

If you fail to provide all of the required information or your application is incomplete you will be sent an email requesting the missing information within 7 days. It is your responsibility to respond. Failure to do so will result in invalidation of your application.

If you do not receive any email response to your application, whether to confirm approval or request further information you must contact Your failure to do so within 7 days of sending your application will result in your application being rejected.

If you return your purchase you will be disqualified from this Promotional Offer.  If you decide to return or cancel your purchase you should inform

You are solely responsible for assessing your VAT or other tax position in connection with this Promotional Offer. None of the Apple Authorised Resellers can assume any responsibility for you to make this assessment and any required HMRC filings.

This Promotional Offer may be withdrawn, amended or terminated at any time and without notice (with future effect).

The Apple Authorised Reseller where you purchased the MacBook product for this Promotional Offer is the Promoter of this Promotional Offer.

The Promoter has no influence over the success of your application or the awarding of cashback.

You agree that English law will apply to your rights under this Promotional Offer.