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Loughborough Endowed Schools

Loughborough Endowed Schools

Working with KRCS, an Apple Solutions Expert - Education

LES sought a reseller with the ability to provide a complete solution to their technical, financial and professional development needs. Sue Jackson, leading the project for Loughborough High School, said “We have benefited from a really integrated service. KRCS’ expertise covers insurance, leasing, peripherals, staff training and technical advice, with everything customised for education”.

Each school had different needs in terms of web filtering, mobile device management and security. KRCS were able to greatly reduce the time required to research all these areas by sharing experience gained at other schools. Sue said “KRCS were able to cater for widely differing needs, from our prep school and two senior schools. Having a partner with a hot-line to third party vendors, trainers, technical experts, other suppliers and of course, Apple themselves, has been a real asset”.

A partnership approach and a holistic solution

Both the schools and KRCS have adapted their plans and continuously sought solutions to issues and challenges faced along the way. The staff at the school have been meticulous in their planning and made the role of the reseller a real pleasure. Coupled with KRCS’ determination that ‘nothing is too much trouble’ the scheme is progressing smoothly and with great success.

Sue concluded “We selected KRCS as our partner for this project because they combined technical expertise with a friendly, helpful attitude. We have never regretted our decision; they have supported us every step of the way, right from the initial vision to placing iPads in students’ hands, and nothing has been too much trouble”.

Financing a large project

KRCS provided a finance package designed specifically for schools running mobile learning schemes. LES needed a flexible scheme that allowed for a phased deployment over a number of months plus options for parents to take ownership of the devices at the end of each deployment cycle. The solution provided from Apple Financial Services is affordable and precisely suited to the school’s needs.

KRCS and the school consulted extensively before the initial deployment on how best to configure the devices for both staff and students. All devices were prepared by KRCS technicians with apps, restrictions and configurations as required and smart water was applied.