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iPad for business


iPad for business

Why iPad? iPad delivers a powerful platform that can transform the way you work. Start working immediately using built-in apps or discover even more in the App Store so you can create stunning presentations, view secure mobile dashboards, edit office documents, conduct mobile video conferences, and collaborate with colleagues.


Edit office docs

iPad allows you to continue working on important projects even when you’re away from your desk. With powerful apps on iPad, it’s simple to edit and create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations anywhere.

Take notes

iPad makes it easy to capture business notes in the format you find most useful. Whether you prefer to type, hand-write or dictate your notes, there’s a note-taking app for you. With its thin, light design and instant power on, iPad is always on hand to record important information.

Attend meetings

The incredibly thin and light iPad design, 10-hour battery life and convenient wireless connectivity make iPad your mobile office on the go. Attend or host online meetings with clients, share agendas and make video calls with colleagues. With iPad, it’s simple to present and share your ideas with immediate impact.

Manage customers

iPad is an incredible mobile sales tool to help you manage all your customer relationships. With its wireless connectivity, iPad gives you on-the-spot access to your database for customer information, sales data and task lists.

Seemless integration

Thanks to built-in support for key enterprise technologies you'll have secure access to email, calendar and contacts via Exchange ActiveSync or open standards like IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV. With support for IPSec and SSL VPN and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi, users can connect to private corporate networks.

Give presentations

iPad is the perfect way to share high-impact Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. From client meetings to executive boardrooms, the large LED‑backlit iPad display and powerful presentation apps give you everything you need to deliver your message in a rich and compelling way.



iPad professional services

iPad and App Deployment Service

Let our engineers perform the initial roll-out of iPads within your business. We will determine which deployment tools suit you best, and then understand exactly how you plan to use the devices. A software system will be setup to allow you to keep control of the devices in the future, and restore all the apps you need to existing or new devices as required. We will also advise on Apple Volume Purchase plan for apps and rollout your purchases where required.

iPad Business Integration Consultancy

Work with our expert at your premises to discover all the ways an iPad could be used within your business. Investigate your mail and calendar options, popular cloud file storage platforms and discuss apps for your business. The fastest way to get iPad integrated in your workplace.


Shared Purchase Scheme

KRCS can help your business look at new ways of funding essential IT hardware. iOS devices meet the needs of both employees and the business, and by sharing the cost of buying the equipment, both parties can benefit. KRCS can provide advice, leasing products and ongoing support for these schemes.

What are the benefits

  • Reduce IT expenditure - employee contributions help to fund essential IT equipment
  • Take control of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) headache by offering staff a desirable device to use between home and work
  • Improve staff morale by offering inexpensive funding for the latest IT equipment for home and work use
  • Greater productivity - staff become familiar and comfortable with the technology that they use 24/7
  • Reduces IT maintenance burden - users take control of their device and solve many problems themselves
  • KRCS can provide leasing, purchasing and support options for your Shared Purchase Scheme - ask us for details

Business Leasing

KRCS partner with Midlands Asset Finance to provide competitive business leasing agreements to help you spread the cost of your purchase. Get a decision in principle for your business in minutes by clicking the button.