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Education Events

Exploring the Digital Classroom with iPad

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The Power of Keynote on iPad

This event has already taken place but you can view it by clicking the 'Online event link'

Keynote brings learning to life across the curriculum and can be used for presentations, art projects, making GIFs, handwriting practice with Apple Pencil and much more. Learn how incredibly versatile Apple's suite of apps can be. Let's unlock the power of iPad in your school with our demonstration.

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Accessibility on iPadOS

This event has already taken place but you can view it by clicking the 'Online event link'

As accessibility is one of Apple's core values and beliefs, access to the same tools and features in Apple's products is a fundamental human right. Join us for this session, where our Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Chris Smith will take you through the assistive tools on the iPad that help support all learners no matter what disability they may have.

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Get creative with GarageBand

Date: Wednesday, 30th March 2022 | Time: 16:00 - 16:45

We’ll show how versatile GarageBand can be and tackle misconceptions such as “it’s a music app and I don’t teach music.” Chris Smith, our Apple Professional Learning Specialist, will demonstrate how GarageBand is more than just a music app. It supports literacy, poetry, soundscapes and podcasting in the classroom, so your pupils can be more creative in their learning.

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