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Apple iPod Repairs


Apple iPod Repairs

Your iPod is in safe hands. KRCS offer iPod repairs from a shuffle to a touch. All repairs are completed on a whole unit exchange basis using only Apple genuine replacements.

Book a repair

To book a repair at one of our service centres please click the button below. Repairs are made available for collection from where you dropped them off.

Apple revolutionised the music industry with iPod in 2001 whilst also revolutionising their model of service by introducing whole unit replacements instead of same unit device repairs. All iPod repairs continue to be completed on a whole unit device replacement basis, same unit repairs for iPod are not available via Apple Authorised Service locations. The replacement devices are as new and will benefit from any remaining warranty that existed on your original device. Chargeable repairs are provided with a 90 day warranty.

Typical repair costs for chargeable iPod repairs. Below is a selection of the costs of a whole unit exchange of iPod on a chargeable basis, correct as of September 2022 (prices include VAT). All devices must be inspected by our technicians to confirm eligibility for service. The iPod battery service detailed below is also available from KRCS subject to device inspection by our technicians. The iPod battery replacement service is completed on a whole unit device replacement basis.

 Out of Warranty ServiceBattery Service
iPod touch (6th and 7th generations)£129£79