Sphero Mini Educational 30 Pack Basic Packaging

Sphero Mini Educational 30 Pack Basic Packaging

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  • Enquire about specific educational pricing for a quote
  • Contains 30x Sphero Mini with micro USB cables included
  • 6x mini traffic cones and 6x mini bowling pins included
  • Included quick start guide
  • Compatible with Swift Playgrounds
  • Download the Sphero EDU app from the App Store


This special discounted pack of 30x Sphero Mini is available exclusively to educators.

It contains everything you need to start teaching robotics and the fundamentals of coding. Don’t let the packaging fool you - these Mini robots are brand new and come with a full 1 year warranty.

Mini is equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong - colourful - interchangeable case. Sign up for Sphero Edu – the Sphero app for programming Sphero robots. Learn more at edu.sphero.com and join the growing community of pupils - teachers and parents – all learning on the Sphero EDU platform.
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