Socket Mobile Charging Cradle for CHS 7QI and 7CI

Socket Mobile Charging Cradle for CHS 7QI and 7CI

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  • Easy to use and set up
  • Works with CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi
  • Includes multi-angle mounting bracket
  • LED Power indicator


Cradle charging solution & AC Adapter for 7Ci/7Mi /7Qi.

The CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi charging cradle is designed to recharge and allow easy storage of the CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi scanner when not in use or in between scanning sessions.

Included with the cradle is a multi-angle mounting bracket to setup the cradle in different positions on a flat surface or attached to a wall. The cradle features a floating contact charge system so all you need to do is set the CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi in the cradle to charge the scanner. An easy to view power LED indicates the cradle is ready and available for charging.
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