SecurityXtra SecurePad cable anchor for iPad and MBA

SecurityXtra SecurePad cable anchor for iPad and MBA


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  • Self-adhesive security anchor point for Apple MacBook Air and iPad
  • High grade aluminium
  • Takes a conventional laptop security cable
  • Can be used to secure any item of equipment


The MacBook Air and iPad are incredibly slim - making them extremely vulnerable to theft. Due to their compact size - these valuable items can be stolen in seconds. Neither the MacBook Air or iPad have a built-in security slot - therefore they can’t be tethered to an immovable object using a standard security cable.

The SecurePad is a universal retrofit security pad with a built in security slot. The SecurePad is manufactured using high grade aluminium and is anodised silver. The unit is fitted with 3M VHB (Very High Bonding) tape and is bonded to the device in question. Once fitted - simply insert your laptop security cable lock - turn and remove the key. This device can also be used to secure any piece of valuable equipment.