Ring Chime

Ring Chime


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  • Ring Chime works hand-in-hand with your Ring Video Doorbell
  • Plug into any mains socket in your home
  • Connect to your iOS device
  • Place the Ring Chime up to 9.1 meters from your Wi-Fi access point
  • Adjustable volume to ensure you can hear the chime clearly


The Ring Chime is a Wi-Fi speaker that works hand-in-hand with your Ring Video Doorbell. The Ring Chime plugs straight into any outlet point and alerts you when a visitor is at your door.

The Ring Chime connects to your Wi-Fi network the same way as the Ring Video Doorbell - and it can be paired with multiple Ring Video Doorbells.

When you get a visitor - an alert will be sent to your iOS device using the Ring app. Also using the app - you can disable the Chime if you don’t wish to be disturbed. The Ring Chime has an adjustable volume so it’s never too loud or - too quiet.
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