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Merrion Street • LS2 8LW
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9:30am - 5:30pm
KRCS Leeds has been supporting the Apple community in Leeds and the surrounding areas for more than 8 years. The store is conveniently located on Merrion Street between the busy shopping quarters of Leeds city centre and the thriving campuses of the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University.
Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff have expertise and professional qualifications in subjects ranging from music production, video editing and web development. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or brand new to Apple, we will happily assist you in finding the best solutions for your needs and help you overcome any problems you may encounter throughout your journey with the Mac and other Apple products.
Meet the Leeds Staff
Marcus is the store manager and has a degree in Music Production. He also has qualifications in Cisco network engineering and experience in implementing various web technologies. He enjoys advising business organisations on finding the right Apple solutions.
Craig's been using Macs for nine years and is passionate about the platform as a creative tool. He has a degree in Multimedia Technology specialising in 3D modelling and video production. Craig continues to indulge his love of Mac through photography.
Calum has been interested in photography and building websites for 7 years, over this time he has developed a passion for Mac's. Their ease of use and power makes them the perfect creative platform.
Chris fell in love with a Mac in 2008, and has never looked back. He studied Music at Uni, learning the ins and outs of Logic Pro and Ableton Live. He's always happy to help and offer advice whether it's your very first visit or if you're an Apple aficionado.
If you would like to leave feedback about your experience at this store please email us at
Date: 25th May 2013 06:59 GMT

Came into leeds store for some advice and spoke to Craig,his knowledge and support was 100% and would like to say thank you for the help. Cheer Dixie


Date: 6th November 2012 13:00 GMT


I've had a few dealings with the Leeds store recently. One was to order an adapter for an iMac at work, the second was purchasing my second ever Mac, a 13" MacBook Air, and the third was returning my 2 year old iMac for a replacement screen and hard disk, both under warranty. Finally, I bought my partner an iPad 3 a few weeks ago.

Marcus is a credit to your company. He's friendly, personable and his product knowledge made buying my Air simple. Being an IT manager I suppose I didn't really need too much assistance but those questions I did ask were answered knowledgeably and honestly. Nothing was too much trouble and he was more than happy to spend time demoing a MacBook Air and Pro and helping me decide which to purchase.

I should also mention how efficient and friendly Stuart was in the service centre when I returned my iMac - not to mention the speed of the repair. Communication was fantastic and again, nothing was too much trouble for him.

I have recently had reason to complain to the head office of (company name removed) because of the dire level of service I've received from them recently. The contrast between them and your staff at the Leeds branch could not be greater.

So well done! Not only will I be returning, I will make sure everyone I know hears about how well you treat your customers :)


Date: 3rd September 2012 18:33 GMT


I have been a customer of KRCS for several years - on-line and from the Leeds store. I have bought hardware and software from you and also returned with some problems.

I have always found the service of staff of the highest standard. Nothing is ever a problem - just an issue that can be resolved.

Thank you for all your service and please do pass on my thanks to your staff, particularly those working on-line who seem to have everything at their fingertips!

All good wishes


Date: 9th July 2012 19:14 GMT

After downloading a suspicious Flash player from a website yesterday, I found that my computer was doing all sorts of strange stuff. Fearing the worst (the dreaded Flashback malware 'thingy') I spent a sleepless night worrying about the security of my computer.

The idea of having to trail over to Manchester and wait in a long (long!) queue before being served by the overworked (and probably underpaid) staff at the Mac Store, appalled me. I'd been there before and did not want to revisit that experience!

I remembered that my daughter had made some comments about the excellent service that she had received last year from KRCS and with this in mind I decided to pay them a visit.

I walked into KRCS this morning worried and bleary-eyed, to be greeted by a warm and friendly welcome from Craig, who listened patiently to my concerns before taking a look at my laptop. Craig spent some time identifying the problem. I was impressed with his non-patronising approach as he explained clearly what he thought was wrong with my Mac. His manner allowed me to feel confident enough to ask questions, which I have rarely felt comfortable doing, in the past when in the presence of computer techies.

The Safari system needed to be upgraded and reinstalled, so I left the Mac with Craig and the team to be sorted out.

My Mac is now running perfectly and it's so fast!

So, a very big "Thank you' to Craig (Thanks Craig, hope you enjoyed the Dandelion and Burdock tea) and a big 'Thank you' to the team for sorting out the problem quickly at a very reasonable price.

I would definitely use KRCS again and I will recommend the service to my friends.



Date: 25th June 2012 18:30 GMT

Hello KRCS,

Just wanted to say how impressed I've been with the service at the Merrion Centre in Leeds. No waiting around, no fuss, just fast, efficient service. I went in for an upgrade and it's like I bought a new MacBook Pro altogether! You guys just went straight to the top of my Christmas card list.

Best, Keith

Date: 3rd June 2012 10:14 GMT

Took my Mac thinking it had a problem which would cost me money to fix. Someone at KRCS looked at it for over 15 minutes, told me the problem, went over all the options to make my computer run better, and all for free!! Great service thank you !


Date: 10th May 2012 20:58 GMT

Hello there,

My name is Nichola, and I am writing to pass on my thanks for such fantastic Customer Service. I bought my iMac from them last week, and received such tremendous advice and service that I feel really needs to be commended. Marcus Christian and his whole team in the Leeds store have been simply fantastic. Helping me out before I even bought my computer, and I have to say that their service to me swayed me from buying with the Manchester Apple store to buying from them.
Since I bought the computer the service has been just the same. Outstanding….and quite rare these days.

I do hope that you pass on my thanks to the whole team, and that the gentlemen will be commended for all of their hard work.

Many thanks again


Date: 23rd April 2012 10:57 GMT

I travelled to Manchester to the official apple store for some help with something and they were truly hopeless. I then visited this store and was AMAZED by the service I received. They are brilliant and lovely and friendly and so so helpful. I will always use this store from now on!

Sent from my iPad

Date: 5th April 2012 23:22 GMT

My Macbook broke down this morning, and by 5pm this evening it was fixed by the friendly, professional and capable staff at KRCS. I was served by a man named Ian (so that credit is given where due). He followed my instructions to pass my Macbook onto my Father, who was also impressed by the service. Being redirected from the store to the tech workshop was done in a friendly and effective manner.

I hope that my Macbook doesn't break and I need not frequent KRCS, but when it does I will gladly use the service available at KRCS.

Thank you.


Date: 1st March 2012 10:11 GMT

Dear Manager,

I would just like to say that I recently walked into the KRCS branch in Leeds (Merrion) and the service I received from Marcus (store manager) was exceptional. From a customer service point of view Marcus was very professional and I would recommend him for an employee of the month award if this is something you carry out as business. He is an asset to your business and a very knowledgeable man.

Happy to discuss any further details on the telephone should you choose to discuss.


Date: 10th November 2011 12:20 GMT
Re: Feedback about the staff at your Leeds store

Dear Sirs,

I have been dealing with KRCS in Leeds for the past four years and I've bought a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air there as well as various external disks and other items.

I have always found the staff there to be extremely helpful and friendly.

Recently, I took my wife's Macbook Pro into the store for repair.

Just to fill in the details, my wife is American and she bought the Macbook Pro in New Jersey in 2006.

The Leeds KRCS store manager, Marcus, signed the machine in and passed it to the repair department.

Ian from the repair department subsequently telephoned us and explained how he was dealing with the repair.

As it happens, the problem was with the graphics card and Apple paid for the whole repair for free.

So that was a good outcome and while Apple's response was good, I also want to pass feedback to you that Marcus and Ian were terrific in the way they handled the matter.

Would you acknowledge receipt of this email so I know it got through to the right department.

Kind regards

Date: 27th September 2011
Re: KRCS Leeds employee

To whom it may concern

I bought a 21.5" Apple iMac desktop from Leeds Comet about 18 months ago and it suffered critical damage to the logic board for no apparent reason. In July this year I took the iMac to the KRCS Leeds Service Centre where it was inspected and diagnosed. The two people I liaised with were Ian and Grant - unfortunately I don't know their surnames. Despite the staff agreeing that such a fault was rather exceptional for a device in as good condition as mine, they were unable to offer me any assistance since my device was out of warrantee.

I run a small business, so 'losing' my iMac was pretty devastating and the prospect of a £850 repair bill didn't help the situation. However, what was of great help was the assistance and advice offered by the particular staff member in the Leeds Service Centre, Grant. When I was angry or frustrated or unhappy, he treated me with the utmost professionalism. He always remained impartial and advised me of alternative options that are available to me. The service I received was above and beyond that expected and if anyone is a beaming example of "going the extra mile", then that person is Grant.

I have always been a patron of KRCS, but I am sure to recommend it even more because of Grant. I would like to thank both you and Grant for the service I received.

Yours Faithfully
A satisfied customer

Date: 19th September 2011 19:35 GMT
Re: Leeds KRCS, Merrion Centre. Member of staff; Robert.

Hi there,

I felt I must write in praise of a young member of staff at the above Leeds branch; Robert.

On Tuesday Sept 13th I took a friend of mine into the store. He is blind from birth, also deaf, but hears with the aid of cochlear implants, which provide a very "dalek" type sound, apparently.
When he tragically began to lose his hearing several years ago, he determinedly set about teaching himself computing in order to fill the future void left by the loss of his first love, music.

He became very computer literate with Windows plus speech progs, but recently decided he'd like to tackle the Apple system.
My husband and I are regular customers at the Leeds Merrion branch of KRCS and so I took M there to "browse" the products. Robert was our assistant, and once I'd introduced M I observed quietly for the next hour.

Robert quickly realised the depth of M's skills and understanding, and my friend fell in love with and purchased a Macbook Pro. The thing that struck me very deeply, as a teacher myself, was Robert's natural ability to work with M, gently hinting at shortcuts and solutions to tasks, whilst not attempting to take over or patronise him in any way. M had researched VoiceOver and keystrokes before we went, and Robert's empathy as they worked together was perfect in this challenging situation.

Because of this superb interaction, M was able to take the laptop home and has now virtually mastered it.

I feel strongly that Robert has a natural flair for one-to-one teaching. Well done to him, and please pass this on.

Thank you,
Best wishes,

PS. The new layout is most impressive! many thanks

Date: 2nd September 2011 00:25 GMT

I just wanted to thanks Craig, for excellent service and a pleasant transaction. I will be using your services again

many thanks


Date: 31st August 2011 06:48 GMT

Dear Sir, Madam,
I would like to provide feedback from my recent shopping experience at the Leeds KRCS outlet.
First I would like to compliment KRCS on their new store layout in Leeds. It is clean, tidy and welcoming to the public.
So after using windows for over 20 years I felt it time to make the switch to a mac.
I had visited many retail shops in my quest to purchase a Macbook Air.
A point to note is all these shops included KRCS all charged the same for the macbook.
The reason why I purchased my Macbook Air from the Leeds KRCS shop was due to your member of staff named Rob. He was patient and actually listened to my questions and concerns, and he demonstrated on the display model some information I wanted before making a purchase.
When spending a substantial amount of money consumers want confidence both in the product and customer service.
Rob provided both and should be commended for his approach and professionalism.
I will certainly be buying from your company again.
All the other shops I visited just wanted the sale and said, 'contact apple and look online for information'

Best regards,


Date: 19th August 2011 10:22 GMT

Just received your latest email and noticed the testimonials section. I have to add my say!!

My first purchase from you was my ibook G4 six years ago [& it's still going strong(ish!)]. Since then, I have purchase all things Mac & computer related from you.
From day one as a customer, I have received 'above & beyond' time, advice, patience(!) and support each time I ring or enter your store. I would never buy a Mac from anywhere else & I recommend you to EVERYONE!

Apple products are 'high end' and not everyone can easily afford them. For me it is a massive comfort to know that when I do part with hard earned money at KRCS in Leeds, I can do so in confidence knowing that I will receive the best possible advice & support. The pennies are nearly saved & I look forward to visiting you again very soon to purchase a new MacBook pro! Thanks for being consistently approachable and reliable!
Yours faithfully

Katy (Leeds).

Date: 8th August 2011 14:42 GMT

I've been a customer at KRCS for several years. My Grandchildren are better on computers etc than I am so I need a lot of help I can rely on. The guys at KRCS are just the best.
I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Many thanks to Marcus and everyone- see you later this month!


Date: 1st August 2011 11:10 GMT

Hello KRCS,

I've found your store to be a really great source of Apple products, you've even been kind enough to let me try out some of my Quartz Composer works on machines I don't have in-house, but you have in your showroom.

Helpful, well informed and friendly staff that have never put a foot wrong.


Date: 6th June 2011 18:08 GMT

Hi there,

I don't normally have time to leave feedback etc on company purchases, but due to the high level of care and customer service that we have being receiving from one of your Leeds employees Stu over the last few months I thought I'd drop an email over.

I'm the creative director of a Leeds based design studio and we have bought several Macs and iPads over the last 12 months. Stu has worked with me personally to spec the right machines for the jobs at hand and has been flexible at re-quoting when a requirement has changed mid flow etc. Recently we needed an iPad 2 for one of our clients. We were not able to find a single one in the country and were starting to reach the end of our tether. However, Stu called us from the Leeds store earlier this week to inform us that there was one waiting for us to collect… we were super happy as was our client.

Thanks guys,
Keep up the good work.


Date: 4th May 2011 10:13 GMT

Hi there,

I just wanted to write and say that Stuart (not sure if that is spelled correctly) at the Leeds branch is a fantastic member of staff. I took a Macbook Pro in last week which needed a clean install which I couldn't manage and he sorted it out for me immediately with no fuss (on the bank holiday Friday too). Every time I've been into your shop the staff have been incredibly helpful and patient and bent over backwards to help. Thanks very much, I hope you're proud of them! I'll certainly make sure my all business goes through your store in the future.

Best wishes,

Date: 26th March 2011 09:53 GMT

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the launch of the iPad 2. It was handled professionally but with an enjoyable manner. I appreciated how helpful all the staff were especially Iain when answering all the questions and remaining so helpful.
Thanks again for the experience I had with krcs Leeds I will definitely be using you again!

Sent from my iPad 2.

Date: 28th February 2011 11:09 GMT

Thank you, Rob, for the excellent work you did on my behalf just recently. Your attention and application, delivered with warmth, guaranteed a stress-free situation.

It's so good that the excellence of Apple equipment is supported by your excellent service ..... and so close to home, too.
Marcus, you and your team are the tops!

Here's to many more years of happy, exciting transactions.

Date: 22nd February 2011 12:17 GMT


Just wanted to thank everyone at the store for being a huge help in my sorting my Mac out and Upgrading it. I especially want to thank Rob as he helped me over the phone about 5 times to get my Windows Partition sorted :) and a big thank you to the whole store for sorting my mac out quick and fast :)


Date: 15th March 2010 12:35 GMT
Subject: iPod feedback


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help the other day in relation to by iPod touch which broke when I tried to download the new firmware. The phone manner of 'Stuart' was really polite and very keen to help. I then went into the store and the service was quick and the customer service I got was brilliant, thank you. Unlike the advise I got from another company – download this, uninstall that, firewall etc

I went home and all is well.


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